SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — A resident in a San Francisco neighborhood is angry with police for not doing enough to stop a burglar who has harassed him at his home not once but twice.

Pavan Gupta came home after work to his Twin Peaks residence in San Francisco last Friday night to find an intruder had broken into his house and barricaded himself inside.

“It’s dark. At this point it’s raining, and he’s just staring blankly into the window,” Gupta is heard saying in video from the weird encounter that he posted on Snapchat.

His strange night would only get stranger.

“Check out the crazy guy dancing on my balcony and living in my house!” he is heard saying in another clip.

The incident got more intense after the intruder spotted Pavan outside.

“And then he sees me and runs up to the window holding a bottle of Jägermeister to his face and starts screaming,” Pavan told KPIX 5.

That was when he called police. Things continued to get stranger from there.

“He goes to my room he dances around completely naked for hours literally for hours,” said Pavan.

Suspect was later identified 22-year-old Nicholas Savis. While he didn’t threaten harm or steal anything, he did refuse to come out.

After 10 hours, police arrested Davis for unlawful entry and resisting arrest. He was released early Wednesday. And it started back up again.

“He comes straight back to my house! 3 o’clock in the morning he starts banging on my door!” exclaimed Pavan.

Pavan said he called police again, but was not reassured when they told him he has the right to use force if he deems it necessary.

“I don’t appreciate the idea of me just shooting people that come to my house. It’s absolute madness,” Pavan said.

He was also frustrated that the initial call took 10 hours for the police to de-escalate, especially because the man never threatened harm to Pavan or himself.

“You’ve got to be thinking to yourself that’s not the kind of use of taxpayer money we demand, said Pavan. It would take one guy with a little bit of effort to tackle this person and we’re done.”

Pavan says instead he’d like to see more patrols in the neighborhood, considering it’s happened twice in one week. He says he doesn’t feel safe in his home.

“Every night I go to sleep, I’ve got my fingers crossed and I’m tucking myself in quite tight because God knows what’s going to happen,” said Pavan.

KPIX 5 learned that Davis was already facing felony charges for burglarizing a home on Divisadero Street two weeks ago. He is due in court on Monday.