SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Can you imagine asking your boss for paid time-off to protest? If you work for a growing number of Bay Area tech companies, chances are your boss will say yes.

Facebook is just the latest, giving employees leave on May 1st, which is a traditional day of protest about one issue or another.

The social media giant told the Los Angeles Times it makes for an inclusive workplace where employees are comfortable expressing opinions and speaking up.

“I would assume that they are not telling you what to protest or what to say. But again it’s a way that you can attract and retain creative, smart and engaged talent and that’s what tech companies are all about right now,” KCBS technology analyst Larry Magid said.

Google and some smaller tech companies including Fauna, Buoyant, Jelly Industries and Atipica have opened the door to paid public protest by employees.

The next time President Donald Trump complains of “paid protesters,” he may be correct.

Comments (6)
  1. joechute says:

    Wonder if i could file a lawsuit against the employer if one of those snowflakes accidentally hurts me. I could argue that the employer is to blame had they kept the employee working or didn’t encourage the violence…

  2. Brian Newman says:

    I wonder if they would offer paid time-off for Trump supporters attending a counter-protest?

  3. protestors by defintion have lost the battle, are losing the battle and only esoterically saying im gonna change the world i already rule over but its your fault its fked…ha ha ha stupidity rules the state of califonria…broke. intimidating lying……thats it..protest is weak people crying wolf….the proof is in the pudding.

  4. and facebook> a fake company stupid citizens alow to exhist..they steal info sell bs and censor..if the dumbas employees saw the truth…theyd sue facebook for being in the world..but no their choice of right and wrong depends on them no one else…thanks fb for fking the worthless making money more and more value and typiccally a stupid human trick…..enjoy the state wide ignorance

  5. Willem Reese says:

    “…May 1st, which is a traditional day of protest about one issue or another.”

    Ummm, how about “…was a traditional day of spring celebration until co-opted by the socialists/communists/anarchists for their protests.”?