SANTA CRUZ (KPIX 5) — A group of University of California at Santa Cruz students have taken over an administration building.

In a protest that’s now drawing crowds of supporters outside as well, members of UC Santa Cruz’s African-Black Student Union met with university officials as their protest entered its second day.

The protestors have taken control of Kerr Hall, having camped out in the administration building overnight.

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They were joined by several dozen supporters outside on Wednesday afternoon.

The organizers say they’re not happy with the current climate on campus — one they say is unwelcoming — if not downright hostile to African-American students.

The protestors are demanding that the university buy housing that would be turned into a co-op run by the Black Student Union.

They also want the Rosa Parks house on campus painted in Pan-African colors: red, green and black.

And among other demands, they want all incoming students to undergo diversity training which they have reviewed and approved of.

One protestor said, “Each demand is an effort to affirm the safety and humanity of black students at UC Santa Cruz. Thank you. Stay black.”

The protestors say they’re prepared to camp out at Kerr Hall for another night and plan to meet with the chancellor of the university Thursday.

As of Wednesday evening, there was no apparent effort to force the students to leave.

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  1. Joseph Baffi says:

    stop complaining you get everything and sttil say whites keep you down

  2. Pat Kinnick says:

    These jokers deserve to be tarred and feathered

  3. I heard the interview on Fox last night and it made me sick! She didint even know what she was talking about. Said “police would shoot us” and wanting a building painted! Give me a F’k break. Suspend them all for taking over the building.

  4. Buck West says:

    Remove these thugs by force.