OAKLAND (CBS SF) — The Oakland A’s are taking care of fans with certain food allergies with a move that is a first for a major league baseball team.

The team has decided to accommodate those fans who are allergic to peanuts with their own seating section.


“Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks! That’s from the beginning of time with baseball,” said A’s Executive Director of Sales and Operations Steve Fanelly. “But for some people, peanuts are not part of their day-to-day diet and can do them harm. So we got to pull the peanuts out of baseball for some people.”

The small section of seating at the Oakland Coliseum will be specially cleaned and maintained to be as free as possible from peanuts. Now folks with nut allergies can have their own special space to safely enjoy the game.

They call it the “Peanut Control Zone.”

We’re not talking lousy seats either. The designated section of seats is on the suite level in deep left field.

“We’re going to keep it open for all games,” said Fanelly.

UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in Oakland has treated many folks with nut allergy

“It can actually be life threatening in some cases. This is serious stuff,” said the hospital’s Dr. Lilly Bellman.

Dr. Bellman believes that the A’s are doing the right thing by helping keep vulnerable people safe. But she also noted that nut allergies come in many different forms.

“I have an allergy myself to hazelnuts and Brazil nuts,” said Dr. Bellman.

The A’s said that even though they haven’t sold many tickets for the Peanut Control Zone for Friday’s game, they expect that once word gets out about the $27 seats and spectacular view, things will change quickly.

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  1. Wow, that is so flunking-flaggy of them… Now our H0M0-sapien species will evolve into something even MORE intolerant of the nature within mother earth…

  2. bunch of flunking-flag “safe-spacers”, dumb-dlnkaz

  3. Tobias Keith says:

    I’m a vegetablearian and I want a meat free zone.

    1. I don’t drink, can I have a ‘No Beer” section?

      The point is that this is a pretty stupid thing to do. If you are old enough to attend a professional baseball game you are old enough not to eat peanuts if you are allergic to them. What do they expect, fans are going to be stuffing peanuts into other fans mouths? “If you don’t behave yourself I am going to stuff a peanut in your mouth and force you to swallow it.” Is that what these clowns actually expect?

    2. Tom Taylor says:

      This is a local story on a local news site and yet every ignorant troll comment is from someone in the southern states of ignorance.

      This story has to be linked to drudge, when the comment section goes downhill this fast full of dipsh1t comments…. its almost always the reason. Drudge trolls.

      1. Well, Tommy, I’m a Napa Valley local. And if I want to see knuckle-dragging behavior, I don’t indict the South such as your tolerant self. I go to the East Bay where every -ism, fear and hyperventilating ‘what if’ is segregated by ideology and trendiness. People like yourself are reversing every advance of evolution.

  4. John Patrick says:

    We need peanut free grocery stores.

  5. I want an apology from Mr. Peanut and reparations.

  6. Susan Vue says:

    The safe space Snowflake section

    1. Tom Taylor says:

      There are kids that can die from inhaling a peanut shell fragment blown in the wind. Why do you want to be such an azzhole about this, does that make you feel good?

      1. Taylor:
        Then DON’T eat them. Of course, this makes no sense to you.

  7. Geo Rubik says:

    How about a whole stadium free of over-priced concessions.

  8. How about no shellfish, no pork products, vegan and Kosher only sections?

    1. Tom Taylor says:

      Oh I don’t know, because maybe someone eating a hot dog next to you won’t kill you if you are vegan, but if you are a kid with a serious peanut allergy just inhaling the fibers of the shell blown into your face as someone next to you eats peanuts could send you into shock and possible death… that would be one reason.

      The comments are so f’ing ignorant on here. Did this story get linked by drudge or something, that always brings a ton of ignorant trolls like you

  9. Three seats for the conservative section.

  10. Left field for Dems, Right field for Reps and center field for switch hitters

  11. Interfering with natural selection through accommodations is leading to the demise of the human race. Judge Mountain Landis is rolling around in his grave right now.

    1. Hiram Floss says:

      Brawndo! It’s got electrolytes!….

  12. F the A’s, was i lifetime fan until they drove the Raiders out of Oakland. not a fan anymore !

  13. Stu Pedasso says:

    Don’t you have to actually EAT the nuts in order have an allergic reaction instead of just SEE one?

  14. WOW, the world is becoming nothing but sissies.

  15. Has anyone dropped dead or sick at a baseball game because of exposure to others eating peanuts? Are we just making these problems now? Or another case of ‘you can’t be too safe.’

    1. Tom Taylor says:

      Yes they have. Just google it. Kids in particular with severe peanut allergies can get extremely sick, potentially fatal, from just exposure to peanut oil on a surface, or from inhaling shell fiber that is blown in the wind.

      Its insane reading all these comments. My little nephew is one of the kids benefited from this and he loves baseball, its his passion. And all these people in here hating on this concept makes me sick. How is this hurting anyone? Jesus people are a holes.

  16. I hate vegetables. Can we have an anti-vegan section?

  17. Tom Taylor says:

    Yep, I checked…. This story was linked by drudgerport which is the launchpad of drudge trolls who spend their days spreading ignorance and hate.

    Just in case any locals like myself were wondering where all this vitriol was coming from.

    1. Oops, I forgot free thought isn’t allowed in California. Sorry, comrade.

  18. The PC crowd has balkanized the country, so why not ballparks? Next will come LGBTQetc sections, pork-free sections for Muslims, safe-space sections for Generation Snowflake, and on and on…

  19. James Adams says:

    I want a gluten-free section!

  20. They’re going to get pelted with peanuts sitting in that look at me I’m allergic to everything section.