PETALUMA (CBS SF) — Four people were arrested late Friday night in Petaluma on suspicion of battery on a police officer after police tried to detain a youth who allegedly assaulted concert security.

Officers responded at 11:21 p.m. to a fight in front of the Phoenix Theater on Washington St. and throughout the Keller Street Garage.

Earlier in the night rapper Iamsu! performed at the theater, police said.

When officers arrived, a mob was allegedly throwing beer bottles at citizens from the third floor of the parking garage. The mob also allegedly threw bottles at officers, according to police.

Security at the concert told police of a youth who allegedly assaulted them after the concert. When officers tried to detain the youth, others were allegedly combative with the officers.

Police were allegedly spit on, battered and were concerned for their safety.

Officers arrested two youths and two adults on suspicion of battery on a police officer, public intoxication and obstruction of justice.

The adults arrested were 19-year-old Petaluma resident Frederick Genazzi and 20-year-old Petaluma resident Zachary Bowler, police said.

On Saturday morning, three youths were arrested at their homes on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and felony assault related to an earlier incident at the Keller Street Garage on April 28.

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Comments (3)
  1. I am a teacher at the Phoenix Theatre and just spoke with the manager. THIS VIOLENCE WAS NOT BROUGHT ON BY THE HIP HOP SHOW. There is a group of kids that have been hanging out in the parking garage every weekend, yelling at people and throwing bottles. They happened to attack some of the people leaving the show to go to the parking garage (these people were escorted by Phoenix staff, due to previous complaints about these kids causing trouble every weekend). The fight that broke out in front of the Phoenix was between some teenage girls that have had previous scuffles in the past. Nothing serious. The Phoenix is a non-profit teen youth center that focuses on cultivating creativity in kids through music and art. We put on these concerts to help fund these activities for the kids.

  2. Bruce Cohn says:

    I have a feeling the violence was brought on by the lack of good parenting, coupled with the atmosphere the Phoenix theater allows/promotes, I have lived here 13 years and I have not seen any other venue in Petaluma that draws a similar crowd.
    BUT WHEN OUR OFFICERS ARE ATTACKED we ALL are too blame including the HIP-HOP
    There is no excuse for that behavior and all citizens of Petaluma should stand up for that.