OAKLAND (KPIX) — Raider Nation is not going down without a fight. The team may go to Vegas, but fans say the Raiders’ name should stay in Oakland.

Monday they announced a coalition of fans is joining forces with city leaders and businesses to keep NFL football in Oakland

“We are breaking out silence today and exploring options to keep football in Oakland,” says Ray Bobbitt of the Legal Action Committee. ”

They’ve even enlisted high-profile New York sports attorney James Quinn to take on the crusade despite plans already in the works to build a $1.9 billion stadium in Las Vegas by 2020 .

“I assure you that we’re going to take a long hard look and do everything that we can to ensure that, in fact, we continue to have NFL football — Raider NFL football,” said Quinn addressing a crowd on the steps of Oakland City Hall.

Even if the team leaves Raiders fans say they are looking info legal options to keep the Raiders name and colors in Oakland.

The move is not without a precedent.

During the 1995 NFL season, legal action by the city of Cleveland and Cleveland Browns ticket holders led to a compromise when the team left to Baltimore to become the Ravens.

Cleveland kept the team name and colors, and a new team was reactivated in 1998.

Fast-forward to 2017. Raiders fans aren’t ready to say ‘game over’ when it comes to keeping the NFL in Oakland.

Comments (4)
  1. Aaron M Lee says:

    They did when they left for LA

  2. Browns OWNER BROKE THE LEASE WHEN THEY LEFT…This is why they got to keep the name and the Owner didn’t care about the name…Mark Davis did not break the lease and OWNS RAIDERS NAME and is NOT giving it up…You lose Oakland losers. Like Derek Carr said “YOU ARE NOT TRUE FANS”

  3. Steve Looney says:

    The Raiders name and colors should always stay with the team no matter where they go. I have been a Raiders fan for 50+ years, and I would prefer they stayed in Oakland. Nevertheless, it is Raider Nation and should never be changed.

  4. Steve Looney says:

    Just to clarify, no matter where their home games are played, they will ALWAYS be the OAKLAND Raiders to me (and I am from the Midwest and now live in Florida—-never lived in Oakland).