By John Ramos

SAN JOSE (KPIX-5) — Caltrans is building a taller, stronger wall in San Jose to stop homeless individuals from returning to an encampment.

Caltrans has repeatedly cleaned up the large encampment under I-280, but the homeless keep returning.

While this new solution has some homeowners pleased, it is generating a lot of anger in the community.

Laura Nunez, who has lived on Macredes Avenue in San Jose most of her life, said everything changed on her street when homeless people began using the rickety chain link fence at the end of the block as a doorway to their encampments along I-280.

“Every time Caltrans would come out and repair it…as soon as they left they cut a hole in it and they just use that…that was their main access point to go in and out,” said Nunez. “We’ve had to live with their garbage. We’ve had to live with drug paraphernalia. The kids haven’t been able come out to play.”

Caltrans and the city heard the neighbors’ complaints and on Monday, workers were out building a taller barrier at the freeway on-ramp and on Macredes Avenue.

Some critics are comparing the new wall to President Trump’s proposed border wall.

Jaime Foberg, the founder of “In Their Shoes” homeless advocacy said, “I think of Trump. And I think how horrible it is that they would keep people out. It really does make me sad.”

The new 8-foot-tall fence is rigid and much stronger, with smaller holes to make it difficult to cut or climb.

Neighbors hope it will make the campers move on, but those who work with the homeless argue the city is giving them nowhere else to go.

Pastor Scott Wagers with Cham Deliverance Ministry said, “Symbolically, I think it sends the wrong message…that a city like San Jose is kind of…positing itself against the homeless.”

But Nunez says, “Take them to your neighborhood and you live the way we’ve been living the past few years, and then you’ll sing a different tune after that.”

They say good fences make good neighbors. It will be interesting to see if that holds true once this one is completed.

Neighbors say there are about 60 people living at the homeless encampment. It’s believed most moved there after the city closed down the huge encampment known as “The Jungle” two years ago.

Comments (83)
  1. Hahahaha.. So liberals DO like walls. Only if it protects them though otherwise, the snowflakes get upset.

    1. tngilmer says:

      Liberals like guns too if they are in the hands of their bodyguards. Liberals like these are hypocrites.

  2. Where’s your “inclusiveness,” my condescending Kalifornistan friends? You wanted to deinstitutionalization. You got deinstitutionalization.

    Enjoy the fruits of your enlightenment.

  3. Calipornia being a sanctuary state should be welcoming these folks with open arms instead of running them off while armed. NIMBY comes to mind.

  4. John Oakman says:

    Vote DimoRAT and have happiness!!!

  5. Mark Smith says:

    The hypocrisy defies logic. I’m surprised no one has filed in federal court to have this blocked (interstate commerce clause) because of materials used to construct barrier. While wall on border may/may not work, at least those entering U.S. and caught – have somewhere to go. Better than offered in this instance.

  6. zucccchini says:

    Let the people who are so against this wall live near such a ‘threat’. And, indeed, that is what it would be if you have children . It also lowers property value and for those that think that is so materialistic, 90% of Americans use their home as their investment for retirement since we cannot afford to raise kids AND save for retirement. These ‘do gooders’ need to fork over the money to ‘help the homeless and illegals’ and stop telling the general public what they can and cannot do to protect their families.

  7. Homeless? When I was a kid we called them “bums”.

    1. You had also never seen an automobile before either….

  8. Homeless are human beings. Walls supposedly don’t work to keep people out. Where’s the compassion? Making being homeless illegal won’t stop people from being homeless. Lack of housing and services to the homeless, and trying to hide them won’t make them disappear.

    1. Thomas Ford says:

      Let’s GIVE them all a place to live, let’s GIVE all their children school breakfast and lunch, let’s GIVE the family’s free health care at the Emergency entrance, let’s GIVE free schooling in multiple languages, and the……Oh, Wait…..we already do?


    2. Bill Eggers says:

      Of course YOU will be first in line to take several of these homeless cherubs to your house to feed, clothe and shelter….oh wait!!! That is someone else’s responsibility! As a Bleeding Heart, YOU provide lip service and demand that others do the dirty work AND pay for it.

    3. In the past,those that could not do for themselves simply died. If liberals care so much for these people that refuse to accept responsibility for their lives, then they can invite them into their homes and become their wards for life. Otherwise, let them fade away. No loss. They don’t care about their betterment – we don’t either.

  9. Force these homeless into shelters or institutions. They shouldn’t be on the street.

    1. Jim Moore says:

      FEMA camp work for you?

      1. That’s how the concentration camps got started in Germany. At first they were jobs programs and housing for the homeless and the poor. Then they became rehabilitation centers for prisoners and places to help counterculture types learn to fit in. Each step along the way made sense until local people began seeing white ash from the chimneys and wondered how they had gotten themselves into such a place!

  10. Scot Wolf says:

    I thought Democrats believed “Walls don’t work” ! Why is Democrat California spending money on a Wall? Or is Trump correct about Walls?

  11. Troy Dynes says:

    The residence of San Jose are displaying their intolerance towards individuals of leisure. They need to invite them into their homes and co-exist.

    1. It has long been a definitive concept of liberals that the rule is “do as I say, not as I do”. Al Gore has a fleet of gas guzzling SUV’s. Climate change wacko DeCaprio uses a jet plane and hundreds of gallons of fuel to fly 200 miles rather than drive a Prius. Nancy Pelosi used to fly from Washington to San Francisco almost every week end when she was house majority leader while insisting the rest of us stop driving our cars to work. Pathetic.

  12. Jaime Foberg, the founder of “In Their Shoes” homeless advocacy. Why don’t you deliver maps to your home and yard to the homeless living under I 280 ? You hypocrite.

  13. Steve Howard says:

    I think you guys didn’t read the story. Just like not every Californian voted Democratic, and not every Californian supports sanctuary cities, this proposal is “Controversial” as the headline states, and as the story reinforces. Of course there is debate on it.

    I realize it won’t help validate anybody’s political viewpoint if they actually, say, … think of people as individuals and look at what is happening, rather than jumping out on generalizations, but it might help make your day a bit happier (I’ve yet to see a partizan-minded person who can’t see anything in the world outside his/her political position who displays any happiness … other than the fake smile they put on when challenged on it, that is … )

    1. Santa Clara County, where San Jose is located, went 73% Hilary and barely 20% Trump. Odds are that every person interviewed for this article voted for the pro-open borders candidate. So, no, I feel no compunction in considering them hypocrites.

  14. Build ‘those’ Walls!!!

  15. Bob Johnson says:

    This is hilarious. All elected officials in San Jose are Democrats. They are programmed to hate Trump, and yet they build a wall. This just shows that they are hypocrites.

  16. It makes you sad? So, does your locked front door, keeping me out of your house, make you sad also?

  17. If illegal aliens voted conservative the liberals would have already built a 100′ wall on the border. They keep pretending it’s not about gaining democRat votes. Intelligent people know better.

  18. Tina Long says:

    I thought the left were compassionate to those in need….why do these people not have a home, phone, food, healthcare, help….instead deport them from the neighborhood….hypocrites

  19. Perhaps the homeless should move to the open space around the San Jose City Hall?.

  20. triper57 says:

    Who would have thought that a wall is wanted by the Left. Make its building at the insistance of building of the wall on the border.

  21. The Left hate walls unless their privacy is being invaded…then they love them

  22. David Peters says:

    So Cali govt hates the idea of a borderwall to keep people out but puts up a wall to keep people out, its almost like walls work for their intended purpose

  23. Mayor Sam Liccardo is struggling. First he blames Trump and conservatives for the Anti-Trump/Antifa violence in San Jose, then through negligence, he allows flooding of toxic water contaminated with fuel and sewage and now this? Thank God I moved away, this city is just continuing its downward spiral in attempt to be more like the cesspool of SF.

  24. Let us not build walls between our children and the homeless. Afterall the homeless are in this predicament through no fault oftheir own. They have truly tried to join society, kick the alcohol/drug habits, not alienate friends and family. They have spend countless hours trying to groom themselves so as to secure a job. None of them have chosen this “alternative” lifestyle as a choice. They are hardworking, well meaning gents and gentles just needing a little gas money to get to the next job interview. I say go to the hardworking Americans to tax and bleed more money into the homeless camps and causes. Afterall, “Build it and they will come”!

  25. As some Progressive here said that they were sad at the building of walls, I am also sad. I’m sad that Progressive foolishness causes such human suffering. Progressives are so, so touchy, feely and have a monopoly on compassion. But, as usual their policies of simply giving anyone who pretends that they cannot work massive amounts of aid, they CAUSE the problems they want to help out with. It is proven that if you make people who are taking housing assistance, welfare of any kind and food stamps work for the “free” money or services, anywhere from 50% to 90% of the people asking for such assistance will go away and NOT take the assistance. Just this month I read a story about Georgia requiring all food stamp recipients to work resulted in an 85% DROP IN APPLICANTS FOR FOOD STAMPS. This proves, once again, that if you dangle free money or housing or whatever with no strings that you will get the expected result: people take the free money or services while lying about their actual needs. There is no mystery about this. It is human nature.

    How does this apply to the “homeless” staying in one location or another? Well, when you allow people to live somewhere for free you will get many people who don’t mind living in tents setting up camp. If, instead, every single night at 2am you swept through the place where illegal squatting is occurring and rousted everyone out and destroyed any temporary structures, including tents, then that behavior will be curtailed. Nobody wants to live in where they have to leave every night at 2am or be tossed into the drunk tank. If the “homeless” then start sleeping during the day and clear out at night, you raid during the day. It won’t take more than a few weeks to stop the illegal squatting.

    Don’t like the phrase “illegal squatting?” Tough. That’s what’s happening.

  26. Hypocrite thy name is CALIFORNIA. Mr Governor…TEAR DOWN THIS WALL. In fact..I think all walls around homes or subdivisions etc etc need to be banned and torn down across California…NO WALLS OF ANY KIND……..see how completely stupid you liberals are?

  27. With a $15 minimum wage, more people will be able to give these poor homeless, money. That should attract more of them and San Jose will be putting up more fences.

  28. How dare you build a wall to keep out anyone? How hypocritical can you be? So the TRUE CALIFORNIA values are NIBY.

    1. I believe it is “NIMBY” and it happens in all 50 Socialist States of America.

  29. “Symbolically this sends the wrong message.” All right, enough. What about the “wall” the homeless have built between themselves and homeowners? Give it a rest already. There are always going to be the homeless, always. Get over it. Enough with seeing walls and barriers as some sort of negative, nasty things. Time to see them for what they are in truth, tools. Nothing more, just tools. A rainbow is a rainbow because there are separate colors. A chain has separate links. Good fences do indeed make good neighbors. It’s okay to be different and to protect those differences. It’s not okay to keep asking one party to just deal with all the craziness of the other party because, well, inclusiveness. They doesn’t mean denigrate what’s on the other side of the fence/wall. It doesn’t mean you can’t help. It doesn’t mean don’t put in a gate. It’s just a tool to keep the green as green and the yellow as yellow. Actually a wall can be a sign of respect, I respect you live your way and you can respect I live mine.

  30. In a district where i worked ( retired LE) a large homeless camp was set up. Petty crime went up exponentially. I contacted the landowner who gave me permission to trespass / cite any persons on his property. It took me the better part of a month, but with persistence I was able to get the camp gone……guess what, crime in the area and my work load went down exponentially….I’ll let you draw your own conclusions

  31. billgjohnson says:

    This is so damn depressing, the number of homeless is growing astronomically with no end in site and where you want to believe it or not any one of us could become homeless, given the changes in the economy and the cost of housing. Before you reply please take a moment to think about what I just said.

  32. Build bridges and not walls. Give them free food, free healthcare, and free housing and the homeless problem will disappear like magic.

  33. Democrats love for “those” people to share “their” stuff. I didn’t see one bit in this article where anyone concerned was opening up their own homes or property to these displaced homeless folks. Nor have I see any magic jobs program or government service that makes the willfully homeless turn into caring, productive citizens.

  34. Doug Day says:

    This is like shooting fish in a barrel…

  35. Ra Williams says:

    Build walls, not bridges. MAGA!

    1. The Demoncrats “Build Bridges” so their target voter base has somewhere to live under


    Got to love the idiots that think creative industry & purposeful citizens exist only as milk cows for the Derelict Lifestyle

    Trademark Details
    Filing Date2017-04-18 ( hey , not bad atall, trademarked 2 months ago & suddenly a go-to authority on a transient-trespassing corridor smack down a residential neighborhood cul-de-sac …)

    Current Trademark Owners
    Sachin Radhakrishnan , Davis, California
    (what ?? NOT San Jose ??? Is that tent camp in YOUR back yard already over capacity ?)

    Operations Intern, California Democratic Party 4 years 6 mons.
    Answered phone calls, “directed” the General Session / Democratic State Convention. lol

    Pizza Baker, 1 year 9 months.

    From pizza twirler to demoncrat insider. That must have been one heck of pizza party.

    Jamie Foberg- no clear trace to any substantive career efforts,
    (so what is it a faked name or another shadowy parasite / enabler ?)

    Macredes Avenue trespassing corridor; gate way to the new demoncratic heaven.,-121.8593713,3a,75y,148.43h,74.86t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1ssx4lVGOjz8eNqDMkzkEjMg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en

  37. While we do not have the funds to take care of these people, and they are just left on the streets, we are sending billions and billions over seas to almost every country in the world. Seems we have some problems right here at home. But I have not heard Trump nor anyone on the left talk about that 😉

  38. Jack Riley says:

    So strange. Mexifornia was the first to say that walls don’t work?

  39. Jeffrey Gee says:

    Build a wall to keep out illegal aliens and foreign terrorists is shameful, yet building one for the unsightly homeless where a percentage are no doubt Armed Services Veterans is OK… hypocrisy anyone???

  40. mclowe says:

    The guy who is so sad because we don’t just let everyone pour in… what a joke. Who is supposed to pay for it, bro? The state is already bankrupt! Why don’t you move to Mexico and help start a grassroots movement to oust the ruling families and cartels at the source?

  41. Mike Gieser says:

    An eight foot wall?!?!?!? But won’t they just bring a nine foot ladder?!?!?!?!

  42. Dusty Rhodes says:

    They have a divine right to live where ever they want just like non-Americans have a divine right to move here illegally and stay.

  43. Jim Wolfson says:

    Too bad; they voted for democRats. Live with it, don’t move to normal places either.

  44. how about showing the homeless some of that compassion that you kalifornacators expect everybody to show to illegals instead of your homelessaphoiba…maybe they would not be homeless if they had access to the same benefits that illegals get

  45. riosam77 says:

    Thought the CA morons didn’t believe in “WALLS?” Hypocrites!!

  46. John Robi says:

    This must be a joke. Even libturds aren’t this hypocritical.

  47. Con Nod says:

    Am unable to see the voter registration table in the attached pictures. Please provide. Thanks. Nancy P.

  48. People who support the homeless, should have to take them home and care for them with no taxpayer help. The empathy crowd always charges everyone else to support their feel good positions then they go home to their exclusive neighborhoods with gates and guards.

  49. Ken Simmons says:

    There wouldn’t be a “homeless problem” if all the “Homeless Advocates” (and their “supporters”) would actually TAKE “HOMELESS” PEOPLE ** INTO THEIR HOMES ** and “care, etc. for them” like they preach at Everyone Else to do.

    Otherwise, they’re just typical hypocritical “Do as I Say (not as Don’t Do)!” Liberals…

  50. You can’t build a wall! They’ll just climb over it.

  51. i thought that liberals didnt believe in borders? why are they putting up walls? why are they not opening their doors and inviting them into their homes instead? see? that would solve the homeless problem. silly liberals, unable to solve problems without their own solutions.

  52. Peter Litwin says:

    Homelessness is a sad situation, especially for the homeless. Maybe each “saddened” wall-hating person in the community should invite one homeless person into his or her own home…

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