DANVILLE (CBS SF) — The scramble to claim prime spots for Danville’s annual July 4th parade got off to an early start this year and local authorities aren’t to thrill about it.

They warned residents that any lawnchairs left on the street too early will be removed. Chairs can be placed along the parade route beginning at 6 p.m. Monday and not before.

The parade is a long-time tradition and families have been known to staked out their favorite spot well in advance of the start of the parade July 4th morning.

“Sometimes it gets a little crazy” is how local resident Dave Schnittker put it.

Auburn Wine Bar and Lounge owner Mark Collopy echoed that sentiment.

“Everyone just wants to pick their spot and people have the same spots year after year,” he told KPIX 5.

People started putting out chairs and taping off spaces days in advance until local authorities put a stop to it. Then one scofflaw got the idea to use sidewalk chalk.

“You know, that started a few years ago — the chalk,” Collopy said. “I think it’s a good idea as people get out and mark their spot.”

But the city thinks it’s a bad idea. They’ve banned the chalk, saying washing it off is expensive and violates “federal stormwater guidelines.”

“Honestly, it’s chalk,” said Morgan Cunningham of the rule “How bad can it be?”

Schnittker thinks there is another reason for the chalk ban. He says he’s seen a few fights break out when somebody didn’t respect somebody else’s line on the sidewalk.

“But, who follows the rules?,” Schnittker said. “And that’s why the fights start because the chalk has, like, no jurisdiction whatsoever. But somebody’ll say — Hey, I put chalk there. This is my spot.”