SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — Police in San Francisco arrested a suspect after the alleged kidnapping of an infant Sunday, authorities said.

The one-year-old baby girl was taken at 9 Sunday morning. The suspect was eventually taken into custody after being caught in the Sunnydale District on a Muni bus some five hours later.

A janitor at the site told KPIX 5 that the parents of the child were besides themselves at what happened.

According to a witness, the father was distraught.  

“He was sobbing and walking up and down the street,” said local resident Don Rasmussen. “He was blaming himself for losing track of the baby.  Because I guess he had went somewhere for just a minute and when he came back the baby was gone.”

The parents of a baby girl were upset because they say someone had stolen their baby girl right out of their car just before 9 the morning.  Police quickly put out a citywide alert.

“A couple here at the park decided to get some water for the baby formula and left the baby in the car seat,” said SF Supervisor Jane Kim.

When they came back, the baby was no longer there. SFPD responded very quickly, zeroing in on the bus that the child was on.

Witnesses told police they saw a woman with a baby get on a Muni bus nearby. Police quickly figured out which bus and coordinated with Muni, stopping the bus and taking the suspect into custody.

Authorities eventually communicated with the bus driver to stop at Bayshore at Arleta. That was where police arrested the woman for kidnapping.  The baby was OK and the parents were reunited with the child.

“I was very concerned that that baby was going to be harmed.  Very concerned. And when I found out she was okay , it got me right here”, said Rasmussen.

The suspect was arrested and was booked for kidnapping.  San Francisco police did  not releasing the name of the suspect.

  1. I hate to be That Person, but they left the baby in the car ALONE?