SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A San Francisco man will serve three years of probation following a no contest plea last week to criminal animal abuse of his Shiba Inu, San Francisco Animal Care & Control officials said Tuesday.

Zixuan Liu had been captured on film kicking, hitting and cruelly mistreating his then-10-month-old dog named Aniki.

WARNING: Distubing video of dog abuse (courtesy: Animal Care & Control San Francisco)

Liu was arrested May 13, according to animal control officials.

He will not be allowed to have a pet and must forfeit Aniki to Animal Care & Control.

Liu is also required to do community service, attend counseling and pay all costs associated with Aniki’s care at San Francisco Animal Care & Control.

(Animal Care & Control San Francisco)

Veterinary staff treated Aniki for bruises and abrasions. He has also benefited from enrichment and daily socialization in the shelter’s volunteer program “Fetch.”

Shelter officials said volunteers have provided mental stimulation, affection and kindness to Aniki.

The shelter’s executive director Virginia Donohue said in a statement that shelter officials are pleased with the outcome of the case.

“Animal cruelty is horrible,” Donohue said.

(Animal Care & Control San Francisco)

San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon said in a statement, “How we treat defenseless animals is a reflection of who we are as a city. Anytime we can prove that animal abuse has occurred, we will hold offenders responsible in a court of law.”

Aniki is now being cared for at Northern Nevada Shiba Rescue, where the staff will work to find a permanent home for him.

“He’s relaxing with other Shiba Inus today,” Animal Care & Control spokeswoman Deb Campbell said.

Anyone interested in adopting a Shiba Inu can get more information at

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  1. Why didn’t he get jail time I hope you someone finds him and treats him the same way he treated that poor dog.PLEASE

  2. Totally agree with Patti. He needs payback.

  3. badmoonrison says:

    Thats great that SF ACC is helping to rehome the dog. Now ask them how many dogs and cats are on their “kill list” today. Total hypocrites. And if a bird comes in injured, they automatically kill it. Ask them about that.

  4. Ipsita Das says:

    get the man and punished him sharing just not change its intention further.

  5. Pat Wohrley says:

    The horrible excuse for a human should have gotten jail time not just probation. How would he feel being kicked and dragged. Sorry excuse for a human. Glad the dog was taken a way from him. I hope he gets a good home.