Starting a business and handling all the decisions that come along with it can be overwhelming. However, trying to decide which technology to incorporate into your business may have become a bit easier. When computers used to be exclusive with their programs, software was only available for one platform, but now there are several options available making it a matter of personal preference. For quite some time, as PCs were used with a Windows operating system, the design world took a liking to Macs, making them the go-to device in that world. Here are some top factors to consider when trying to decide which lane you should choose for your small business.

Service matters

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How a company treats their customers is an important factor, especially for a small business. You will want to know that if any troubleshooting or obstacles come about, there is an ease in service when interacting with the support staff. If there is a switch that is needed between your PC and Mac, there is little worry about syncing up and transitioning between computers, because the services being used are provided on both PC and Mac. Microsoft has made it a point to include their Office app services on the iPhone and android. Google’s Chrome browser also runs on both Windows and MacOS, making their services available in both worlds.

Expense and budget

If you take the average price of Macs and PCs you will see that Macs will be more expensive on average as opposed to its counterpart. Windows laptops can cost you around $500 where Apple’s MacBook’s cheapest option starts at $999. Depending on your industry you will be able to make the decision which way to lean. Gamers tend to lean towards PCs because they are customizable and affordable. Mac’s however, will be heavy on your pockets and less likely to match a PC unless you pay much more for higher performance.

Customer service

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Microsoft cannot compete when it comes to customer service. Typically with Apple, you make an appointment, go to the genius bar and will have a solution to your problem with no charge. Apple also has business accounts where small businesses can use their personal account to help get the assistance needed as a whole. Microsoft has their retail stores with Answer Desks, but they don’t make all the computers they sell, so you will most likely have to deal directly with the manufacturer for a solution. Assess your needs as a company in the grand scope to see if these issues will matter in the end.

PCs offer more options

Having different options and brands to choose from is definitely a positive feature. The variety of companies like HP, Acer, Lenovo and Dell all use Windows. Therefore, Windows can be used on multiple devices from various manufacturers. Apple is not only hardware, but operates on a macOS software. If you decide to get a Mac, you have to go through Apple.


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This article was written by Elle Toussi for CBS Small Business Pulse