SACRAMENTO (KPIX) — A Lyft driver in the Sacramento area was brutally kicked and beaten just for refusing a ride.

Nakayla Hall told eight people they could not fit in her car. That’s when they assaulted her.

Nakayla Hall (CBS)

“They all looked like they were having fun and a good time,” says Hall.

She was ending her night as a Lyft driver. Little did she know it was about to take a dramatic turn downhill.

Eight young adults requested her early Thursday morning.

“Three people got in and that’s when I said ‘no, we can’t do that,’” says Hall. Her car can only fit a total of six passengers.

When they refused, Hall says she turned her car off to get her point across and told the group she would call 911 if they didn’t get out. That’s when she said the group became violent.

“The gentleman on the passenger side started pouring water on me and some behind me started pouring water on me,” says Hall.

They didn’t stop there.

“So there was two men hitting me on this side and then two of the females just rotated and took turns punching me and kicking me.”

Photos taken right after the incident show a gash on Hall’s forehead. She says the entire ordeal lasted about 15 minutes before she could drive away.

All she could think of was not being able to see her daughters again she says tearfully.

Lyft sent CBS a statement in response to the assault:

“As soon as we were made aware of this incident, we deactivated the passenger from the Lyft platform. We stand ready to assist law enforcement in their investigation.”

Hall says this was a wakeup call. Not just for her but for all Lyft and Uber drivers.

“You need to be prepared… as prepared as you can be.”

Comments (5)
  1. The eight cowards will pay by losing their freedom when the law meets them and having that on their record for life. As far as being a taxi driver male or female, a little pepper spray and taser goes a long way. Take your choice; attacker or victim. LOL

    1. Casey Smith says:

      Yeah, a taser is going to prevent you from getting attacked by 8 people who want to kick your ass. A taser is effective against any number of people… I’ve seen a man singlehandedly fight off 1500 attackers with a taser. Pepper spray is even more effective. The nice thing about pepper spray is when you release it in a car, as long as your the driver it won’t affect you.

      I hope that LOL was you laughing at yer own stoooopidity 🙂

      1. coloradodoug says:

        i gotta remember to keep my doors locked and look at the situation before I accept pax’s

  2. I drive uber. I always have my pepper spray at hand and ready… especially on weekend nights….

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