(CBS SF) — A settlement over robocalls promising a free cruise could mean a chunk of cash for those who received the unwanted and annoying calls, up to $900.

The class-action lawsuit, Charvat v. Carnival et al. , claimed a marketing firm made pre-recorded phone calls for Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian cruise lines in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

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CRUISE ROBOCALL SETTLEMENT: Find out if you have a claim.

The suit alleged that Royal Marketing Group – on behalf of the cruise companies – made the telemarketing pitches to landlines and cellphones offering free cruises as promotions, and that the calls violated the TCPA.

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Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian denied the allegations and any wrongdoing, but agreed to settle the lawsuit to avoid the cost and burden of a trial and allow those affected to get benefits.

The settlement allows for a $300 payment per phone call, for up to three robocalls received – and a total of $900. According to the case settlement website, the amount will be based on the total number of calls and valid claim forms received.

People can check the website to see if their phone number was one of those included in the claim.

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