SAN LEANDRO (CBS SF) — A man has been driving around San Leandro with a hangman’s noose draped over the bed of his pickup truck, raising the ire of many local residents.

The San Leandro Police investigators were able to track down the truck’s owner using photos posted on social media.

“Our detectives provided some social education to the subject in regards to the displaying of the noose,” the department said in a release. “The owner understood the insensitive display of the noose and told detectives that he meant no harm to anyone nor did he intend on offending any groups.”

Investigators determined a hate crime had not occurred, but convince the driver to remove the noose.

“This reprehensible behavior cannot occur in our community without inquiry,” said Lt. Isaac Benabou. “For many people, the noose is symbolic to terrible events in our history. It is important that we continue to educate our public to these acts that may hurt so many.”

Investigators said the driver “was apologetic and agreed to immediately remove the noose from his vehicle.”

  1. Isn’t this story from 1 month ago? Why does KCBS com still have it as if it is frontpage news? What the fuk is wrong with the editors at this place?

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