SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – A car owner was targeted in a case of political vandalism in San Francisco over the weekend.

Vandals placed a Make America Great Again bumper sticker on a car in the City’s Portola District before they vandalized it.

On Sunday, the owner found the words “NAZI” and “KKK” spray painted on his car.

In addition to that, the car’s tires were slashed.

The owner told KPIX 5 he has filed a police report.

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  1. Anna Cottage says:

    So here again we have the imbeciles out in force, spraying someone’s car with the words “Nazi and KKK” and why, well just so happens the owner of the car happens to be a President Trump supporter. Free Speech, the Free choice to support whatever President you want to, no the morons who now are trying to force their beliefs on us say you can’t support the President. For goodness sake get a grip. It is the imbeciles who spray paint cars with NAZI and KKK one has to watch and stop.