by Susie Steimle

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — A San Francisco school principal was removed from his new job after a KPIX 5 investigation showed he was transferred from his previous position for not reporting sexual assault allegations against a teacher.

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Parents of Everett Middle School students on Wednesday received an email saying, “Last Thursday was Mark Alvarado’s last day. He will no longer be with the district. We wish him well.”

But most parents didn’t even know Alvarado worked for this school. He’d only been the Everett principal for a week after transferring from his principal position at nearby John O’Connell High School.

Alvarado was transferred this fall after the district said he failed to report a teacher’s sexual assault of two female students two years ago.

Former O’Connell student Alysha Stone was one of the whistleblowers who reported her soccer coach and PE teacher Bob Gamino to the school in May of 2017. Then 30 more girls came forward with similar stories of inappropriate behavior by Gamino.

Alvarado’s failure to report Gamino allowed him to work at the school for two more years.

Because of that, the district transferred Alvarado to Everett Middle School but never notified parents.

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Parents said they were happy Alvarado was no longer at their school, but wondered why the San Francisco Unified School District placed him there to begin with.

“If he was questioned by O’Connell, why would he still be in the public school system at all?” said Everett parent Jennifer Hamlin.

Gamino has denied the most serious allegations against him but admitted making inappropriate comments and acknowledged “in hindsight” he should have acted differently, according to documents. He voluntarily retired this summer, keeping his full health benefits and salary from the district.

Alvarado’s future with the San Francisco Unified School District is unclear, since the email to parents saying he was no longer with the school district conflicted with a district spokesperson’s contention on Wednesday that he was still a district employee.

The district has refused a request for an interview with Superintendent Vince Matthews about the matter.


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