ALAMEDA POINT (CBS SF) — “Do not drink water from faucets,” the East Bay Municipal Utility District told people in Alameda Point on Tuesday evening.

The water quality alert was issued at 7 p.m. for people in the Alameda Point neighborhood.

“Do not use tap water for brushing teeth, washing dishes, cooking or pets,” the utility district is advising.

Update: Alameda Point Urged Not To Drink Water, But Bodily Contact Okay

Only people in the Alameda Point area, not the entirety of the island of Alameda, are being urged not to drink or use the water.

The utility district said that evidence has been found of non-drinkable and non-usable water in the Alameda Point drinking water system. It is “due to the nature of the Navy infrastructure at the former Base,” the utility district said.

The Naval Air Station Alameda was constructed in the late 1930s and remained in operation until 1997, according to the Alameda Naval Air Museum.

Today, the area is home to popular businesses such as the Rock Wall Wine Company, Hangar 1 Vodka, and Faction Brewing as well as residential buildings and office spaces.

The alert will last at least 48 hours or until the city alerts residents that the water is okay to drink or use. The East Bay Municipal Utility District said it is working to identify and resolve the problem and said crews are flushing the distribution system in an effort to restore water quality.

People in the Alameda Point neighborhood can pick up bottled water 24 hours a day at the Alameda Point Collaborative office at 677 W. Ranger Avenue, Alameda.

The utility district said they expect to have further information within 48 hours and will update the public as soon as they have more information.

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