SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) — It could soon cost you as much as $9 to get across the new Bay Bridge.

Lawmakers approved a bill this week to raise tolls by as much as $3 on all seven of the Bay Area’s state-owned bridges.

That would put the cost as high as $9 to cross the Bay Bridge, which has congestion pricing — and $8 on the others.

State Senator Jim Beall of San Jose authored the bill.

He says added revenue would fund nearly $4.5 billion dollars worth of transportation projects aimed at reducing congestion.

If the governor signs off, voters would still have to give their approval on the June ballot next year.

The only bridge exempt from the proposed increase would be the Golden Gate, because it is run by its own transit district.

Comments (7)
  1. Bill Griffin says:

    I love where I work but, with the increase in the gas tax added, I won’t be able to afford the commute anymore. Actually, either one would make it difficult.

  2. LOL….we love it that they keep raising taxes on the stupid middle-class. Keep taxing the driving dopes.

    1. Kae Oz says:

      Oh yes. Those people who keep getting pushed further and further out into longer, and longer commutes, living in houses with more people than bedrooms, in areas that cars are necessity to get anywhere or accomplish anything. Oh, that cushy middle-class lifestyle… make them pay.

  3. Colm Quinn says:

    Off course the legislators don’t care with their choice of cars, free gas, parking, and bridge tolls, all at our expense, in addition to their luxurious per diem perks. Vote them out :))

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