SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — A San Francisco couple is looking for the support of her neighbors after receiving threats for putting up a Black Lives Matter sign in the front window of their home.

“We were really upset, but in this kind of situation we weren’t going to be silenced. We don’t feel like we should be silenced,” said Lee. “It’s our right to speak up.”

In July, Lee opened a letter which arrived in her mailbox, saying “BLUE LIVES MATTER! Get rid of your sign or WE will!”

When she refused to take it down, she received another letter a month later, this one reading: “It’s time to replace your BLM sign. How about CHINK LIVES MATTER”

“It’s the threat of ‘If you don’t take it down, we will’ which implies that they are going to come do something to our property, to ourselves,” said Lee. “We think it might be someone in the neighborhood because they know we are Asian.”

But rather than bow to those threats, she’s put up a second sign that says “STANDING WITH MY NEIGHBORS AGAINST HATE”

Monday evening a community meeting was scheduled in Lee’s Forest Knolls neighborhood, where she was set to speak with her neighbors about the incidents. Lee will also be offering them a chance to make a stand with her, and put up signs in their windows as well.

“We hope that they will support us and maybe put a sign in their window and let people know that this is a neighborhood that doesn’t tolerate this kind of threat,” said Lee.

When Lee rose to speak at Monday’s community meeting, she received a round of applause. It still remains to be seen how many signs in windows that applause translates into.

Comments (5)
  1. Dave Spysea says:

    The sign is offense to many and they continue to put it up… shows what type of person Lee is…. If it was a Make America Great Again her house would have been burnt down and looted …. take the sign down makes you look stupid Ms Lee. Not sure what hole your from but all lives matter ….

    1. How is BLM offensive? The only people who find it threatening are people who don’t understand BLM which is basically the majority of white conservatives who’s never faced an ounce of discrimination in this country.

    2. Yes, it’s a sign proclaiming solidarity with those who stand against racism and police brutality, and totally not racism and police brutality that are offensive and anathema to what the United States should stand for. Do you even listen to yourself? BLM doesn’t stand for Black Lives ONLY Matter. It stands for Black Lives Matter TOO.

      And wishing for a fellow American citizen’s house to be burnt down and looted? Wow. You’re what’s wrong with America (assuming that you’re not some Russian bot).

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