OAKLAND (CBS SF) — A driver and a couple of dogs riding in the back seat of a Mercedes Benz caught a lucky break in the East Bay Friday when what could have been a deadly piece of debris pierced the car’s windshield on I-880, according to CHP.

The Oakland office of the CHP posted photos — including a picture of the lucky dogs — along with a bit of information about the incident Friday afternoon.

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“Today an unknown vehicle spilled some of its load on I-880,” the Facebook post read. “Another vehicle kicked up the debris, which found its way to this Benz.”

Car damaged by freeway debris on I-880 (Oakland CHP)

The first photo in the post showed a piece of what appeared to be building material made out of aluminum or some other light metal protruding from the windshield of the car.

The second photo showed the two dogs that were riding in the car in the back seat sitting on either side of where the piece of metal appeared to have hit the front passenger seat just below the seat headrest.

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Dogs in backseat of car damaged by freeway debris on I-880 (Oakland CHP)

“Luckily these puppies are part feline and used one of their nine lives. Everyone in the vehicle walked away unharmed,” the text of the post read.

CHP also posted about the accident on Twitter, saying the “dogs narrowly escaped death” and admonishing truck drivers to secure their loads.