By Dave Pehling

BERKELEY (CBS SF) — A long lineage of hard-hitting British bands has risen from the industrial grit of Birmingham. the Midlands city that proved to be the spawning ground of everyone from early metal architects Black Sabbath and Judas Priest to pioneering extreme outfits like industrialists Godflesh and grindcore greats Napalm Death. Birmingham’s street-punk heroes GBH have been raging against the status quo since first coming together in the late ’70s.

As part of the “UK82” resurgence of England’s punk scene alongside politically charged anarchist contemporaries Discharge and The Exploited, GBH filled its influential early albums City Baby Attacked by Rats and City Baby’s Revenge with antiwar screeds and black-humored salvos aimed at the Church of England and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. The band was among the most active touring British punk groups during the 1980s, traveling through the states and regularly playing shows in the Bay Area during the initial rise of thrash metal with local crews like Death Angel, Sacrilege and Vio-Lence at Ruthie’s Inn in Berkeley and the Stone in San Francisco.

img 7452 Iconic UK Punk Group Headlines Berkeleys Cornerstone

GBH singer Colin Abrahall (Credit: Raymond Ahner)

Almost 40 years after first coming together, GBH continues to stir up aggressive moshing and reckless stage diving everywhere the band plays. Still powered by singer Colin Abrahall’s gravelly bark and guitarist Colin “Jock” Blyth’s locomotive riffs (original bassist Ross Lomas and longtime drummer Scott Preece round out the line-up), the group returns to Berkeley Friday night for this headlining show at the Cornerstone, delivering the angry anthems from throughout its career and previewing new songs from their forthcoming new album Momentum on Hellcat Records — the band’s first collection of fresh material in seven years.

The show will feature three more bands, including a pair of veteran California punk acts. GBH contemporaries and Adolescents affiliates D.I. have been bashing out their brand of Orange County hardcore since 1981 with singer Casey Royer at the helm. Though not as long lived, Oakland-based group Oppressed Logic still has a nearly quarter century of history as a vital part of the East Bay scene. Another Oakland crew, the Pathogens featuring former Blatz/The Frisk singer Jessie “Luscious” Townley, opens the show.

Friday, Sept. 29, 7:30 p.m. $19-$21
The Cornerstone


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