Who hasn’t heard of the get rich quick line? Unfortunately, very few times in life do these get rich ideas come to fruition. The truth is that the majority of time the way to gain wealth is by working hard and making smart investments and choices. This is especially true when the money is coming from the business that you worked so hard and long to achieve.

Investing does not have to be intimidating nor daunting. However, it does take a lot of research and deciding for yourself what are the best ways to use your money and grow your business to the most it can be. Whatever is the best route for your particular business and situation, be sure to keep track of your accounts and investments. With some high risk and low risk investment choices available, here are some of the low risk investments to consider.

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Pay off your debt

Paying off debts may not be the first point that comes to mind when considering investment opportunities. However, lowering debt is one of the best ways to give yourself the opportunity to invest your money. Debt money is not only money taken away from your business, but the interest incurred on debt money lowers your potential for business growth ten fold. Having debt is a vicious cycle and can be detrimental to a businesses success. One of the first priorities for a small business owner should be to try and pay off their debt. The debt money could be used for high interest yielding investments, emergency funds or to improving the business itself. Get rid of debt!

Invest in your business

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Every business needs equipment and manpower to keep it running to its full effective power. It is important to invest in things that will help your business grow without going overboard. Maybe your business would make more money if you hired a part-time employee to find new jobs or clients. Don’t hesitate to weigh the options and look at the cost of the employee vs the potential income that could be made through new business. When it comes to investments, many business owners may not consider themselves nor their business, but investing in your small business should be a priority.

U.S. Treasury Securities

Small business owners who may be new to investments or who are not comfortable with high risk investments may want to consider securities through the U.S. Treasury Department. The market swings can be unpredictable, and for some individuals, it may not be something they want to get involved with. However, the principal is protected with U.S. Treasury Securities and the maturity date ranges from 30 days to 30 years, so there are numerous options when choosing a U.S. Treasury Security. The interest rate is not high on U.S. Treasury Securities, and if the stability and safety of an investment is most important, this is a good choice for for you for an investment.


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This article was written by Michelle Guilbeau for Small Business Pulse