The gesture, which began in the NFL, was started to protest racial inequality.
VIDEO: Stevie Wonder Takes “Both Knees” After Trump NFL Remarks

By Annie Reuter

(RADIO.COM) – Music legend Stevie Wonder continues to stand in solidarity with the NFL players that have protested racial injustice by taking a knee during the “Star Spangled Banner.” Over the weekend he demonstrated his support by performing the National Anthem on his knees.

During an appearance at the 2017 Formula 1 Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, on Sunday, Oct. 22nd, Wonder took the posture of protest while he performed a moving rendition of the song on harmonica. At the end, Wonder called out to President Trump. “Feel me, feel me, Mr. President,” he said.

It was the second time in a month Wonder has taken a knee to support the NFL protests. During his performance Wonder urged for unity within the nation, reports Austin 360.

“I’ve never seen the color of my skin, nor the color of your skin,” said Wonder (who is blind). “Not to get political, because I don’t like to do that. It is time for the leader of this nation, the leaders in the varied political positions that they hold, the people, we as artists — all of us come together as a united people of these United States of America.”

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