By Holly Quan


PETALUMA (KCBS) – In the weeks after the North Bay fires we’ve heard stories about strangers helping strangers. KCBS reporter Holly Quan found a Petaluma rancher who’s determined to identify and thank dozens of mystery rescuers who helped evacuate over 100 miniature horses.

When you take the 4X4 into the pasture at Sami’s Lil Horse Ranch off Lakeville Highway, the tiny mini horses know that treats are on their way. This is Tui Scheuring’s parents ranch but they were out of town when the fire started. “They know when the four wheelers are coming that they’re normally going to get some hay,” Scheuring says.

So she was minding the herd. “For the valley fires, I went up and I helped evacuate. My husband and I went to help evacuate some horses,” Scheuring describes. “It was a whole different experience being on this side of it on the receiving end of it.”

When an evacuation order came down, she didn’t have enough horse trailers. So she made one drop off at a local pasture and then panicked about the rest. As she was driving back she suddenly saw 22 trailers loading up her minis all thanks to strangers.

“One of the first loads out that went to Nicasio, I found out later she lost her home at 3:00 am that morning.” Scheuring said. “And here she is helping me evacuate my horses. You know less than 12 hours after she loses her home in a fire. And I have no idea who she is.”

The horses went to three different cities. All are back now, shaking off the stress. Now, comes figuring out who those helpers were.

“We want to thank them. We want to know who these people are that help us and help save everything we have here. And if it’s you, Facebook us, e-mail us, call us, something because we want to invite you out. We want to get to know you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Because no matter what we say or do it’s never going to be enough.”

If you or know someone who may have been there, please contact at:

Sami’s Lil Horse Ranch
6890 Lakeville Highway – Petaluma, CA 94954
Sami or Ron | 415-497-4424 | 415-819-7401

Or through their Facebook page or on Twitter: @SamisLilHorse

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