MONTEREY (KPIX) — Warning signs were posted all over the beach after a shark attacked a spear fisherman in Monterey County on Friday.

Based on the bite marks, officials say it was likely a Great White.

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The victim was rushed to a nearby hospital. Another diver snapped photos of his bloody wet suit.

“The rescue team told me his leg had been hit really hard,” said Dan Silveira. ” I hope he gets to keep his leg. I hope he recovers fully.”

Silveira says the victim is part of a well-known father and son dive team in this small but close-knit dive and spearfishing community near Pebble Beach.

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Rescuers told him the shark in question may have been tagged with a locator as part of a research project.

Silveira wonders why the information wasn’t shared with people in the area but is thankful the attack didn’t prove deadly.

“I’ve spent countless hours out there and it could have been me. And yesterday, I was so grateful just to end the day home with my family.”

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Doctors say the victim suffered massive blood loss but is expected to survive his injury.