SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — A fight over one of the most famous homes in San Francisco is looming on the horizon as some neighbors are bristling over plans for the “Full House” house in Pacific Heights.

The owner is looking into ways to make the home look even more like it does in the television show. It’s one of the more recognizable house facades in San Francisco.

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But the “Full House” effect on its Pacific Heights neighborhood is not appreciated by certain neighbors.

“We’ve lived here for 46 years and we’ve seen a lot of things go on. This is probably the worst thing that’s happened. It’s brought a lot of people from all over the country and it becomes a mob scene,” said area resident David Natcher.

Natcher complains more than a hundred fans stop by every day for photo ops, making parking a nightmare and leaving the sidewalk a mess.

There are also privacy concerns that accompany the hundreds of selfies taken outside the home each day.

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“I remember watching this as a kid and this is my first time in SF,” said “Full House” fan Baudy Alvarez. “And so to come here so being able to come here and stand on the steps and take a picture is pretty cool.”

Jeff Franklin, who created and produced the original show starting in 1987 and has been behind the Netflix reboot “Fuller House” that started in 2016, is the current owner of the house.

When he bought the place last April, he announced plans to make the inside look like the TV show set so he could possibly film there or rent it out to the public.

His neighbors say Franklin isn’t open to discussion, so they are taking their fight to the San Francisco Planning Commission and asking the city reign in his plans for renovations.

“We aren’t getting anywhere dealing with him directly, said Natcher. So now we have to go to the city and try to get them to do something about his requests and have him scale back what hes doing and maybe listen to our concerns. Which he hasn’t really done.”

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Franklin, the homeowner, was not at the house Thursday, nor was he at the Planning Commission meeting to comment. It is important to note that not all of the neighbors share the concerns over his renovations, but those folks we talked to did not want to go on camera.