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Love to travel? You’ve come to the right place!

Welcome to Taiwan: Off the Grid, with your hosts and guides, Adam Klein, winner of CBS’ Survivor, and Jorge Maravilla, winner of The San Francisco Marathon and the Penghu Cross-Sea marathon.

Breathtaking coastline, dramatic gorges, and lush green landscapes are only the beginning of this eclectic adventure.

Named after the local Truku word for “magnificent” and “splendid”, Taroko Gorge in Taroko National Park more than lives up to its name.

The trails are a hiker’s dream, with incredible vertical cliffs, and dramatic marble canyons.

Taroko Gorge also has less challenging day hikes for hikers of all skill sets and is easily accessible by bus.

Hiking in Taroko Gorge is a perfect way to get out and explore Taiwan, with magical scenery embodied in the island’s 9 National Parks!

Taiwan is a Top Adventure Destination. #timefortaiwan #taiwanoffthegrid

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Visit Adam and Jorge’s Instagram pages at:


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