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Love to travel? You’ve come to the right place! Welcome to Taiwan: Off the Grid, with your hosts and guides, Adam Klein, winner of CBS’ Survivor, and Jorge Maravilla, winner of The San Francisco Marathon.

Possibly one of the most biker-friendly places on planet Earth, the island of Taiwan is a biking enthusiast’s dream.

The island is small enough that it’s pretty easy to go anywhere in a day.

Biking through Taiwan can take you through aboriginal villages, fishing harbors, and some very scenic coastlines!

There’s also exhilarating peaks in the mountainous regions so you get more of an alpine ride with dramatic views.

It’s a perfect way to explore Taiwan and all of its diverse scenery.

Taiwan is a Top Adventure Destination. #timefortaiwan #taiwanoffthegrid

For special deals on travel to Taiwan, visit the tour companies below:

7 Days: https://www.avantidestinations.com/AVWeb/landing/Asia/Taiwan/taiwan.html

Biking: http://www.bicycleadventures.com/destinations/taiwan-bike-tours/Taiwan-Bike-Tour

11 Days: https://www.intrepidtravel.com/us/taiwan/explore-taiwan-109601

Visit Adam and Jorge’s Instagram pages at:


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