By Phil Matier

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — California is moving closer to charging drivers for every mile they drive.

The state says it needs more money for road repairs, and the gas tax just isn’t bringing in enough revenue.

The state recently road-tested a mileage monitoring plan.

The California Road Charge Pilot Program is billed as a way for the state to move from its longstanding pump tax to a system where drivers pay based on their mileage.

But it’s not just a question about money, it’s also a question about fairness.

State Senator Scott Wiener and others are saying that when it comes to road taxes, it’s time to start looking at charging you by the mile rather than by the gallon.

“If you own an older vehicle that is fueled by gas, you’re paying gas tax to maintain the roads. Someone who has an electric vehicle or a dramatically more fuel efficient vehicle is paying much less than you are. But they are still using the roads,” Wiener said.

“People are going to use less and less gas in the long run,” according to Wiener.

And less gas means less gas tax, and less money for road repair.

“We want to make sure that all cars are paying to maintain the roads,” Wiener said.

One idea would be installing devices that would clock your mileage every time you pull up to the pump or electric car charging station. Or put a tracker on every car.

“The reality is that if you have a smartphone your data of where you are traveling is already in existence,” Wiener said.

None of this is sitting well with drivers such as Joshua Li, the owner of a hybrid BMW.

Li said he saves around $200 a month by not using gas and said he would definitely not be happy if his driving was taxed per mile.

Randy Rentschler, of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, said one answer is to raise the gas tax and up the vehicle registration fee for electric cars.

“If you buy a small car that gets great fuel economy, we don’t get enough money to repair the roads … but the fact of the matter is people are buying trucks,” Rentschler said.

However, raising vehicle registration fees and taxing people with fuel-efficient, hybrid or electric vehicles could also discourage people from purchasing such vehicles.

Fuel-efficient, hybrid and electric vehicles are key to reducing vehicle emissions and improving air quality around the world.

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  1. Tax … Tax … Tax ….., pretty soon they’ll tax more on buying tires.

    1. They already do. It’s called the tire disposal fee which you pay even if you keep the tires.

    2. Sam Wise says:

      Its about getting people out of private transportation and into public. Agenda 21 says no private vehicles, everyone will be forced into public transportation.

      Regarding taxes…
      Look it up…
      “exempt income means any income”
      “income that is not considered tax exempt”
      ecfr g ov
      gpo g ov

      1. Rick Miller says:

        Stupid liberals deserve the government they worship.

  2. First things first! Phil looks like Jim Lahey from Trailer Park Boys.

  3. Good, you clowns in CA deserve every single tax you get jammed down your throats.

    1. Laugh now…while you can. Remember this: every regressive tax has originated in California, as have mileage standards, etc. So…what this means to you, whether you like it or not, is that this tax, if passed, WILL come to your state… and there is nothing you can do about it. Of course, if laughing at us makes you feel better, remember that he who laughs last, laughs best.

      1. California’s leftist policies DO NOT eventually spread to other states. In my western state, talking on cell phones (held up to ear) is still legal, motorcycle helmets are not required, and there’s no waiting period to buy guns.

  4. If you walk, I’ll tax your feet. If you sit down, I’ll tax your seat. I am the tax man.

  5. challenger392 says:

    Soo,, would our Socialsit masters then get rid of the gas tax, or will we be paying a double tax to drive.. Folks, Red Jerry and his marxist crew ARE going to do this. It’s time to move. The money will never be used to repair the terrible roads in Kaly.

  6. LIberals are the dumbest people. Over-regulate housing which makes it unaffordable- just tax people to provide subsidies. Push electric cars (with some subsidies for and penalties for not), then taxes fall- raise taxes to erase all the financial benefit to switching. Actions have financial consequences, people have financial motives. Until liberals actually understand something besides virtue signalling and excerting power, places like California will continue down the toilet.

  7. I don’t have a problem with a mileage tax but only if the gas taxes devoted to road maintenance are removed altogether. This will tend to fall on the backs of rural drivers and long distance commuters but then they are riding the pavement more. Seems fair, if you use it, pay to maintain it.

    1. So does that mean people who don’t use trains don’t have any of their taxes pay for trains? The price of the ticket will cover the cost?

      If I have no kids, I don’t have to pay taxes for schools?

    2. Well yes, it is a tax on Rural Californians that did not vote for the DemonRats like Gerry’s illegal termed out Governorship and their ilk! Then these very same DemonRats scream bloody murder when the new tax code does not allow State Income Tax deductible on the Fed’s returns. My my this is rich! What a bunch of Fascists running California you would think we had already seceded from the Union guess we will see the Mexican flag flying in Sacto!

  8. But, billions are being directed to build moonbeam’s bullet train…priorities?

  9. If this tax is put in place it will not be enough so after a short time they will raise it. There has to be limitations on taxes. The government uses it like a piggy bank and a blank check. Every tax usually looks good on paper but when you add them up its just too many burdens on the average person.

  10. Sadly, I doubt the State would get rid of the gas tax at the pump. It isn’t surprising though that people that don’t use gas would whine about paying for the maintenance of the roads. As for tracking, what about visitors to California and mileage of Californians driving outside the State. Nobody in their right mind would want the State in control of a GPS unit on the car to see everywhere you drive.

  11. zombietimeshare says:

    Next up will be a meter for your bicycle followed by mandatory Fitbits, for everyone, so they can tax every inch you move. In the future, to combat global climate whatever, California will tax everyone on their methane emissions. You don’t want to know how they are going to measure that.

  12. Joe Boltonn says:

    They lured people into buying hybrid and electric vehicles with tax credits, now they want to whack them with a mileage tax for “fairness.” Are they going to replace the gas tax with the usage tax or merely charge both? Are they also going to end the state employee public transportation reimbursement? If its unfair for “gas gusslers” to pay more gas taxes than a Chevy Volt/Prius, than its certainly unfair for drivers to pay a mileage tax And subsidize their neighbors who take the train/light rail.

  13. Red Jerry aka Gov Moonbeam, and his useful idiots won’t stop taxing until the people burn them out of office.

  14. Thom Wright says:

    A problem with a multi purpose tax system, raising necessary funds, equity, and promoting social values is that those purposes will regularly conflict.

  15. And just bought a Prius. I should use it to move to Idaho.

  16. It is illegal for the government to collect any travel-based tax or road tax from individuals. The notion that the government can tax an individual for moving from one point to another is anathema to liberty and freedom and simply moving between points is not tantamount to a taxable activity. The only source of revenue for building and maintaining roads is to collect it from corporations and/or persons who use the roads as a place of business. If California would stop wasting people’s money on liberal socialist welfare programs they wouldn’t have to be proposing so fundamentally evil.

  17. California will look like Venezuela in two years ,people’s have to wake up they taxes everything even farting caw ,soon they will taxe people’s fart , Californian must wake up , it is an insult to poor people’s who always pay the greed of socialism, wake up California ,you have a beautiful state run by ignorant socialist ,, they will blow billions on illegals and never spend a dime on infrastructure or on a fast train moneybag pigy bank for lawyers environmentalists,Why?

  18. AC Inoc says:

    Every penny of this will go towards public employee 6 figure pensions. You can survive on social security if its still around.

  19. This would unfairly hit the poor or those struggling to stay afloat. Usually, the poor drive older cars and live in far flung areas and have to commute long distances for work because housing so cheaper in the desert. Only the rich that drive the newest most efficient cars and live in the city near their work will win with this scheme. This is one way the Republicans can win back voters. This is a stupid move by the Democrats.

  20. Joe Rousé says:

    They just raised the gas tax last month “to pay for the roads.” Enough is enough!

    1. Byron Brewer says:

      Unfortunately, Joe….There never be enough to satisfy these guys!

  21. Where is the concern on how they will track this?! I do not want something monitoring my driving at all. The government does not need to know where I am or what I am doing. Not to mention what if you are driving some of those miles outside of the state? You should not be taxed for that.

  22. Hey, can I borrow your care to run a few errands?

  23. Kirk Weir says:

    Does anyone really believe Sacramento doesn’t have PLENTY of money to do all the things they need to do? Spending is up 50% (or more) under Jerry this time.

  24. How can California charge a “tax” on mileage a California resident drives outside the state of California? How are they going to be able to distinguish between miles driven in California and miles driven in other states? Unless they place a GPS device in every vehicle registered in California, there is no way to distinguish miles driven in California from miles driven in another state or in another country.

  25. Tommy Gunn says:

    So if you’ve already been paying for roads for years via a per-gallon tax, you now get to pay for them all over again. It’s sort of like having to repay your mortgage a second time, after it’s paid the first time. It makes me wonder how much the state could save if it wasn’t for the costs involved in supporting all of its “sanctuary guests”?

  26. Wouldn’t this be considered an illegal search (4th Amendment, anyone)? The only “fair” tax, would be on electric vehicles since they use less gas. The gas tax not generating enough revenue? B.S.! What California has is a spending problem, not taxes! Take the money away from giving it to illegal aliens and the state has enough money to fix the roads.

  27. You just can’t give enough money to California government. They always want more. Then they want some more.
    California led the charge for decades for more fuel efficient cars and trucks. Now that they got them in place they want to punish those who are driving more efficient vehicles because they are not buying enough fuel!!
    Then they wanted more occupants per vehicles and spent millions on HOV lanes and crowded the rest of us into the remaining lanes while the HOV lanes often went unused. Those taking advantage of the HOV lanes parked a car or two and shared a ride thus removing the fuel tax revenue because they were not buying enough fuel and paying fuel taxes.

    Then they subsidized the electric cars. Tax incentives and credits etc. Now they want THEM to pay their fair share in usage because they are not buying enough fuel.

    Why go through this charade and get to the point They just want MORE money. Just like the other taxes collected from highway use, this money also will not go to road repairs or new roads. They will go into general treasury to be used for supporting those who don’t support themselves. LEGAL and ILLEGALS.

  28. Susan Smith says:

    “Or put a tracker on every car.” Sounds like the govt’s way to track people to find out what they are doing and where they are going without having to get a warrant.

  29. Dusty Rhodes says:

    Wealthiest state in the US with the highest income tax rate, yet they can’t/don’t have money to clear 70 years of underbrush in populated areas (fire danger), or keep their roads in drive-able condition. Where do they spend their money?

    Really glad I left CA and moved to NV 15 years ago.

  30. Small, efficient cars cause far less wear on roads than big gas guzzlers such as pickups. Most road wear is caused by large, heavy vehicles.

  31. Bill Kelly says:

    Californian’s provide their vehicle mileage during initial registration, annually for insurance, and when called in for smog inspection. Use one of these methods to record mileage, OR, hey, put mileage on the California State Income Tax form. Go California! Vote Democrat!

  32. Aren’t we California residents taxed enough already? Sales tax, property tax, gas tax, income tax (both state and federal), capital gains tax… where does it end? Why can’t these idiot politicians make due with the money they already have? I’ve been a Bay Area resident for over 12 years now, and I can tell you from experience that the roads in the Bay Area are some of the worst in the country. I hardly ever see any repair work going on, so where is all of that gas tax money going? I think we all know the answer to that question.

  33. California…..the leader in Big Brotherhood. Now they will track your movements, your mileage, type of car and overall driving habits. Of course this will lead to new and other creative ideas of taxing. Driving during peak hours? New tax enhancement for that. Driving in only exclusive neighborhoods. New tax enhancement. Leaving a bar? Cop waiting outside.

    You Californians are such dazed, zombie sheep. It is pathetic. Take control of your government. Oh, wait I forgot, the illegals control it now. Never mind.

  34. Jack Davis says:

    They think we fail to realize that energy taxes (whether on gasoline or electricity) ARE milage taxes. The more you drive, the more you pay. This is just another scheme for the Libs to double-dip on the taxpayer.

  35. Kaw-lee-fawn-ya: Land of Fruits and Nuts

  36. Herb Rapoza says:

    Somebody has to pay to keep those CalTrans workers standing around.

  37. thank goodness we still have the billions of dollars a year to take care of all those illegal aliens!

  38. This is a tax on rural Californians. By the nature of where we live, we need to drive further for most of our needs. This tax will impact rural citizens the most.

  39. well, whatever you do keep voting democrat…. LMAO. I can’t even type that with a straight face. here’s a thought…KICK OUT ALL THE ILLEGALS, then use the money from supporting them to fix the roads…..almost magical huh?

  40. This is ridiculous. They always want to raise the gas tax, DMV fees etc., but they never tell us where all the money has gone. With the increase of CAs population there is an increase of people paying more gas tax – where has the money gone? Into the bullet train? Creating the subway in LA? Creating the bus lines and lanes? They rob the taxes that are collected for the roads and put them in private projects. Few years ago there was a report by one of the trucking associations that reported they paid about $800,000,000 to drive the roads in CA and most of that was raided by legislators for projects in their own districts.

    Why aren’t there any more good reporters that really research and find out where the money goes? CA is overtaxed – this is insane.

  41. Communists in Sacramento will probably tax bicycles because they also use state roads.

  42. Just one more reason I’ll not be visiting the Land of fruits and nuts any time soon..

  43. Hmmm, what happened to our already highest in the nation gas tax? Where did that monoy go? Oh wait, it went to fund a bullet train to nowhere, payoffs to unions and the corruption endemic in California. Great job California voters, you did it to yourselves.

  44. Phil Davison says:

    Something must be done to fund the sanctuary seekers. You’ll pay it and love it Californication.

  45. Get ready California, your liberal legislature has a plan to charge the mileage tax, followed soon thereafter with a toll on every major highway in California…coming soon! These are done deals in the minds of the liberal legislature. They have union mouths to feed!

  46. “Billed as a way for the state to move from its longstanding pump tax….” The state has not moved from the pump tax. It just raised the tax a few months ago. It should be billed as another way to squeeze more money from residents. Politicians only ask “How are we going to pay for it” when there is a proposed tax cut. Never when there is an increase.

  47. How about you use the money you are already getting that is designated for upgrading the roads and STOP stealing it for your pet friggin projects. Once we get Moonbeam out of office there maybe an opportunity to turn our good state around. If not, when I retire, OUTTA HERE!!!!

    1. Herb Rapoza says:

      Once you get rid of moonbeam, you’re gonna be paying him an enormous retirement pension.

  48. Jack Pod says:

    Quiet please. Kalifornia commie pinkos at work sucking every last dollar they can from the “stupids” living there.

  49. As traffic is gridlock south of Golden Gate bridge to Tijuana, the onus of the tax will fall upon Northern CA drivers; more reason for North CA to secede from the “Republic” of California.

  50. Hey here’s a thought how about sticking to a budget like every other responsible tax payer has to do? I know its a crazy idea

  51. Kendall SQ says:

    And like lemmings, the liberal left in CA will continue to cut their own throats by voting these clowns back into office over and over. Then when they have had enough they will move to conservative states with a much lower cost of living and then vote the EXACT same way they do in CA causing their new state to be just like the one they left. They won’t or don’t realize it is THEIR voting that has caused the out of control costs they will and are complaining about.

  52. David Grimes says:

    Wow, something sane out of California.

  53. Sadly moving out of state becomes more and more attractive. That is unless… we are sent our very own Trump to drain this California swamp.

  54. Idiot reporter. It’s dirtier to charge an electric vehicle using the electric grid than it is to drive an oil burner.

  55. skep41 says:

    This will be great as long as the mileage charge is deducted from the salaries of public employees using government-owned vehicles. Or is that the goal…fewer peasants blocking the roads that our Important Gubmint Masters must drive on their important missions…

  56. But the state has plenty of money of money for illegals and deadbeats…….

  57. “there’s not enough money to repair the roads” NO, there is plenty of money coming in, its all about how you wish to spend it. Much like running a household. You fix the roof and furnace before you take the kids to Disney. Sometimes you cannot afford all the liberal freebies. Like free daycare aka HeadStart, ridiculous government pensions which far exceed anything in private sector, more and more money for schools, with little added benefit, and on and on and on

  58. just make all the roads toll roads! that’ll bring in tons of loot for Moonbeam

  59. Because the complicated methods necessary to collect a Vehicles Miles Traveled tax, cost to the government to collect the tax is 20 cents for every dollar collected. By comparison, to government cost to collect the excise when collected at refineries is less that 1 cent per dollar. It is a much less complicated way to collect the tax. For motorists and companies, the VMT tax is much more costly to remit. This new method of collecting taxes to pay for roads and transportation initiatives is wildly inefficient. There are far better options. This is a bad, bad plan.

  60. So you penalize all the workers that drive into the Bay Area and los Angeles from the neighborhoods that they can afford to live in?
    These are cops, firemen, food service and anyone else who works hard for a living to support the rich that have made more desirable locations too expensive for the common man?

  61. Do it.
    I’m rich – I can pay virtually ANY price to drive in Cali.
    This tax will devastate poor people of color, and I’m all for that…poor people of color ruined CA.
    & Considering that ALL of these taxes go into the general fund and NOT to Cal Trans, Sacramento will be back for even more, and soon.

  62. blenderrecipes says:

    Why does a mile of roadway cost 4 times the amount to build in California than it does in Texas?

    California by the numbers:

    37% higher cost of living than national avg
    Highest state income tax rate
    Highest state sales tax rate
    Highest state gas tax
    Highest gasoline prices
    Infrastructure ranked 49th
    8th highest property tax rate
    8th highest corporate tax rate
    60% of state and local spending goes to healthcare and pensions
    Some of the highest energy costs in the nation
    12% of U.S. population, 33% of all welfare cases
    27% of Californians not born in United States
    22% of Californians live below the poverty line
    1/3 of Californians suffer from diabetes
    Over 200 languages spoken in California
    60% in the public school systen cannot read or write English
    Public schools 46th on 8th grade test scores
    Lowest percentage of high-school diploma holders
    Illegal immigrants cost the state an estimated $22 billion annually

  63. Eli Toro says:

    Your being lied to!

    It doesn’t matter what tax, where tax, or how much tax – in California taxes go into the general fund and then are divvied up by the politicians in Sacramento for all their special interest social projects. The roads will not get better until a bill is passed that states that taxes collected (a “mileage tax” or a “gas tax” or an “excise tax” or a “freight tax” or even a “car registration tax”) goes specifically to road projects.

  64. It’s always the working poor that have to eat stuff like this in the shorts…and I wonder how much this will add to out of state vacationers and taxi rides.

  65. electmary says:

    Not one penny of the new gas tax is going to roads, did anyone read the bill?

  66. Fluo Ric says:

    Democrats can seriously go to hell. Offended? Good, now F-Off! I’m fed up with paying for your collectivist stupidity. F this state.

  67. Well, you voted Democrats, now Eat it

  68. Effective November 1st, California raised the per gallon tax rate to make it the highest in the nation. But now they tell us its “just not enough”? How is it possible that other states with much much lower fuel taxes do OK? Drive over the border into Arizona and the first gas station you see will have rates 30 cents per gallon or more lower.

  69. Ed Henry says:

    If it weren’t for big rigs and dump trucks, we wouldn’t need roads and bridges constructed to such high structural standards. Also, if these big guys didn’t use the roads, there would be only minor repairs. Hint: guess who should be paying more in fuel taxes. I agree that extremely fuel efficient and electric vehicles are getting a free ride as far as paying for road maintenance.

    1. How do you propose getting products to stores for sale, or materials to and from construction sites? Pull your head out.

  70. Do you think the regressives in Sacramento won’t levy the mileage tax and also keep the gas tax, too? They can’t figure out how to store more water to avoid droughts, but they get REAL creative in taxing the life out of us Californians….

  71. Tracking your mileage, aye?….They will also have a digital record of where and when you are anywhere, while your driving your car.

    How’s that make you feel?…

  72. They are not going to replace the gas tax. But they will never have enough money and never have a spending problem.
    The sad thing now is that they are trying to create division among californians and saying the people that wanted to protect the environment aren’t paying their fair share. Next they will tax heavier vehicles more per mile. It has gone from the rich not paying their fair share to now your neighbor who bought a fuel efficient car isn’t paying their fair share.
    The sad thing is this kind of division tactic won’t stop anytime soon.

  73. People in CA have to be stupid. Your Government spent 25 billion on illegals in 2016 I think it was, while they tax you to death. You continue to accept this onerous burden. Time to get real, you can’t save the world, hell you can’t even take care of your state. It’s been turned into a sewer.

    1. Joe Hobbs says:

      how will they make drivers who drive on one of the thousands of private self maintained roads such as farming roads or logging roads?

  74. Instead of spending money defending illegal war criminals in sanctuary cities, deport them all and use the saved money to fix the roads. Problem solved.

  75. Commiefornia is gonna tax itself to death. The more taxes, the more people/companies will move out of the state. Gov Moonbeam needs to go. He’s run this state into the ground. Just look at all the homeless people on every street. It’s a dystopian future we’ve arrived in.

  76. As President Regan once artfully said, “If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.”

    If SF/Berkeley & Hollyrot slide off into the ocean if the entire state doesn’t burn up first. The question then is who will pay the epa fines for polluting the Pacific Ocean. If The People’s Socialist Republic of California wants to leave the Union, be my guest. Don’t come crying to the rest of the US when Cali runs out of money & can’t afford anything.

    BTW, gas here is $2.05 a gallon

  77. Now that state taxes aren’t going to be deductible federally CA better lower its taxes now or you’ll see every district outside of L.A. and S.F. go Republican.

  78. this is not for the roads, it is for the over blown pensions and budget.

  79. Joe Frank says:

    Let an old timer chime in. In the 40s-50s we had a gas tax and the roads in Calif were the best in the nation. Calif. politicians saw all that money and said ‘let’s put all that money in the general fund and we will then pay for road maintenance. End results, calif roads are among the worse in the nation. Now we will start over with a gas tax and a mileage tax to be used on roads, unless there is an urgent need elsewhere. These morons in Sacramento will find a need elsewhere. Wait a minute!!! We’re the morons for electing them.

  80. yet another good reason to leave CA immediately if not sooner.

  81. I the state wasn’t spending bookoo bucks on the high speed rail, that we didn’t need or want, the state would have enough money to pay for fixing the roads. They never cut spending all they do is tax upon tax. My family has been in California since the 1870’s. I love my state but I hate what the politicians have done to it and the its citizens.

  82. Lyn Williams says:

    I fail to understand why the recent FORTY THREE PERCENT Increase (the one from November of this year) in the auto fuel tax in CA isn’t enough to cover ANYTHING CA might happen to need. Here’s a link…see for yourself:

  83. Here’s a comprehensive step by step breakdown of why California is going broke and its citizens are suffering for it.

  84. Susan Vue says:

    Someone has to pay for the illegals as they are expensive.

  85. Before the “State” gets any more money a full audit on Fuel Tax Revenues for the last 20 years needs to be conducted to determine how much money was collected and how much was actually spent on Road Infrastructure. If they can’t prove the collected Tax was actually spent on Road Infrastructure then they are guilty of negligence and misappropriation of Tax Revenues. Shows us how much you collected and where it went…

  86. stevengregg says:

    Does anyone believe that the gas tax does not raise enough money to maintain the roads? As I understand it, the government skims money from the gas tax to fund their white elephants like mass transportation and other boondoggles that don’t pay for themselves.

  87. Eric Harmon says:

    I PAY income tax money for roads!

    I PAY sales tax money for roads!

    I PAY DMV car tax money for roads!

    I PAY gas tax money for roads!

    I PAY more gas tax money for roads!

    Where is ALL MY MONEY going?

    1. See below comment for the answer to your question!

  88. California spends about $15 billion tax payer dollars on programs for illegal aliens. Need more money for road repair, this would be a good starting place.

  89. Adam Plug says:

    I’ve got an idea….. Make politicians put a dollar in a jar every-time they lie and HEY PRESTO – Finally you could remove the whole federal debt in a year!

  90. Chris Mosher says:

    I am a logical person. lets think about this for a moment. Roads wear down due to the weight of your precious vehicle. It does not matter how new, or, how old the car/truck is. the current excise system taxes you on the value of the car. this is the dumbest thing i have ever heard. So, my bronco new costed 25,000 dollars. My 2002 honda accord costed 20,000 dollars. i am pretty sure the bronco did more damage than the honda ever will. The bronco drove for 300,000 miles and twenty years. the accord died this year with 206,000. guess what? the tax was 25-50 dollars for the last 15 years on the truck. last time i checked the weight never changed. how dumb is this system? SUV on the roads, should be charged by weight. Cement trucks drive every day. i wonder how much they pay?

  91. NOT FAIR NOT FAIR, Keep voting Dem and pay your fair share

  92. This is the same situation as the drought, they drought shame us when we water our lawns, then raise water rates when we do conserve because they are not bringing in enough money

  93. Quipster Joe says:

    Commiefornia. Now we can see how the leftist communist Fifth Column are determined to destroy everything in this country.

    I can’t wait to get the hell out this state.

  94. Why don’t the politician take a cut to use money for roads instead of lining their pockets.

  95. Rich Hamrick says:

    The left never saw a tax it didn’t love.

  96. I can understand why people would visit CA. It’s beautiful.

    However, I have no idea why one would live there.

    You Californians literally live in a totalitarian state that cares more about non-citizens and virtue-signaling BS than about your best interests, economically or physically.

    I wish your state would get it together…I’m really sick of you twisted ***** moving to my state and bringing your stupidity with you.

  97. Russ Foster says:

    As with all areas/States/ Cities that are controlled by Socialist Progressive Liberals, the issue is not a shortage of revenue, but a massive spending problem. Liberals have NO respect for working Americans and believe that their “Entitlement” programs are the only solution to anything. Oh, as well as making the population dependent upon them thus solidifying their control over lives. Problem is that there are far to many total chowderheads infesting California, so the DemoRats shall stay firmly in place.

  98. Ask Elon Musk for the money. He can afford it.

  99. Jas Aub says:

    The thousands of Cali Drivers License holding Illegal Criminal Invaders will be exempt from the mileage tax

  100. how can $ 2-3 per fill up for an average vehicle not be enough money to finance this whole states concerns (even the BS train, immigration enviromental programs.)

  101. And people ask me why I sold all my business assets and left the state? They will never have enough to satisfy the left agenda. Good riddance!

  102. Thank you Sheriff of Nothing-ham -political pig says it all. -R. Hood does not approve – but of course he would be considered a domestic terrorist. My Northern Bird salutes you

  103. Darren Davis says:

    It’s always an issue about money Phil. Monterey County last year cried there is not enough gas tax to fix the roads, so they crammed a $1billion sales tax down our throats. Now Jerry want’s to nail us by the mile. This is all in addition to the Gas Tax which is enormous.

  104. Hogart Club says:

    so what’s the incentive to
    “fix the roads” if
    less people drive/buy gas
    because of the high cost?

    if less people are on the
    why fix them?
    it’ll look like
    tijuana roads !

    …oh, i get it ,
    they want the
    illegals to feel
    more at home
    on the roads!

  105. Rick Taylor says:

    The National Debt/GDP Ratio is 106% ($21.6T). The government spends too much money. There isn’t enough tax dollars to pay for the spending. America is in a debt-spiral.

    Total Gov’t Spending/GDP currently 36%.
    Total Gov’t Revenue/GDP currently 33.4% (probably highest sustainable ratio)

    Doesn’t look good.

  106. If it was’t for stupid we wouldn’t have a state government. Just who the heck didn’t see this happening a few decades ago? I mean really? Now that the clowns in Sack-0-Tomatoes have dug themselves and by extension US the suckers paying taxes in this doomed state, trying to keep buying the CALPeRS votes, we get to pay more gas taxes and road taxes and more gas taxes and yet they NEVER have enough money. Oh and this GloBull Climate nonsense, who knows about the TWO ACTIVE VOCANOES off the cost of CA spewing CO2, NoX, Methane, etc. How come Brown isn’t trying to shut them and the thousands to ‘save the planet’. Hey, Moonbeam, the planet Earth doesn’t give a hoot about humanity, just like you.

  107. A mileage tax is analogous to paying for the amount of electricity you consume. The more electricity you use, the more you pay. Therefore, the more miles you drive, the more you should pay.

    If a mileage driven tax is enacted, the gas tax should be eliminated along with it.

  108. State of Jefferson. One more reason for 51.

    California is bankrupt. It’s a terrible state to do business in. It’s also a horrible state to raise a family in. Taxes after taxes. It never ends!! Also, illegals have more rights and privileges than US-born citizens in California.

    However, on the other hand, why not just charge those morons who drives Teslas or Volts by the mile and leave the rest of us alone? Derp!!

  109. Vote for Democrats.
    Democrats create new taxes and raise old ones.
    Complain about taxes.
    Vote for Democrats.
    Democrats create new taxes and raise old ones.
    Complain about taxes.
    Vote for Democrats…

    There’s a pattern here.

  110. Jim Hoffmann says:

    The Golden Fleece State is heading for a total collapse…no thanks to the Democratic Socialist Nazi Party of America and their one party dictatorship in Sacramento. Read what’s next for Californians:

  111. Just put up signs all around the state that say if you don’t live in a major city, &*^% off, your a nobody.

  112. So, what about bicycles and pedestrians? Shouldn’t they also be paying for the streets and the sidewalks used to service them and their vehicles?

  113. The ONLY solution is for CA voters to STOP voting those socialist/commie/liberals into office! There is “no other solution!” Vote Republican and break that Dim swamp dam!!

  114. Please let me know when the land of taxes ran by Moonbeam Brown votes to secede from the US. as I would like to throw my support for this momentous undertaking. Moonbeam is so funny when he get on TV and tells the rest of the US how California is the richest and most progressive state in the union and how other states want to be like his. The trouble is California is so far in debt that Moonbeam seems to think that borrowed money is a positive number, at least it was according to Salinsky his hero.

  115. Rich Bolles says:

    Stick it to ’em….50 cents a mile and $1 for every mile over 50 per day……….QUIT COMMUTING you are poisoning our planet ! This coming from one of your Illegal Homeless that needs more money to live. MORE TAXES TO FUND MY BENEFITS !

  116. Sounds to me like it’s time for new folks to run the State of California. If the folks running it now cannot control costs of government, and we are simply going to raise this tax for that, or create a new tax for this, it’s obvious that the current crowd in charge don’t have what it takes to run an efficient organization. Cost control MUST be a factor, and it currently isn’t even in their lexicon. Wasteful spending is all they know and understand. Time for a wholesale change in the leadership in this State. Or, we can continue to see every aspect of our society continue to erode and degrade, all the while paying more and more. It’s already apparent that Brown and Co, haven’t a clue as to how to reduce costs/spending. That’s not their thing. And it needs to be. It is time the people of this State wake up and see the direction we’re being lead towards ends only in fiscal disaster and/or social collapse.

  117. Hands down one of the stupidest ideas ever heralded. We NEED people to drive fuel efficient cars, which to boot are generally less heavy and so cause less damage to roads. My neighbor’s guzzler for sure does waaay more damage to any and all roads he drives on than my Prius.

    This whole idea is founded on jealousy about some folks not using as much gas as others do. People make the choices that land them in their vehicles. These are just more facts that people can take pride in: NOT CAUSING AS MUCH ROAD DAMAGE AS THE GAS GUZZLING FOLK.

  118. Stu Pedasso says:

    Perhaps if California didn’t blow it’s tax dollars on that stupid Moonbeam Express bullet train y’all would have the funds to fix the roads? Think about it.

  119. Sure, this is the best way to turn this State into a Republican run state. Lets see, charge per mile, that means that the utilities will have to be charged or will they get a waiver and we will foot the whole bill as usual? The truckers will get taxed which will translate into higher food prices,etc. This sounds about right for these idiots in Sacramento who could care less about the tax payers.When are we going to wake up and get rid of these tax loving Democrats!!!!

  120. another tax from the commie state of fruits an nuts, Dem’s love to tax never heard the word cut.
    Tax payers of CA i would want a full audit as to where all the gas tax over the years has gone.
    service, trucking, delivery business will love this, but they will just bill the cost to customers
    but of cause state, city, county will all get a free ride on this.
    this is total hypocrisy. buy electric, but now your not using enough gas where losing money.
    I guess will have to charge by the seat for people who take the bus, an bike riders a mile counter, lets not for get walkers.

    PEOPLE it is time to wait the FU** UP an say enough

  121. Yoman Jones says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA People in California are idiots……Please seceded.

  122. Larry Reznik says:

    “The reality is that if you have a smartphone your data of where you are traveling is already in existence,” Wiener said.

    That only applies to people who leave their Location setting on all the time, which is nuts. Mine is never on; it drains the battery faster, and I know how to get where I’m going without using GPS.

  123. Ben Thomas says:

    To move away from fossil fuels, humanity must be incentivized. That incentive should be that gas tax be increased and allow those with electric vehicles to not be taxed, hoping against hope that everyone will jump on board and make their next car an all electric one.

    There is no way in hell the state can police the idiocy that is being discussed. Do they think Electric car owners won’t be really upset if they are charged a much higher yearly registration fee to cover what they are not paying in gas tax. It would actually deincentivize the purchases of such vehicles.

    For instance; Allstate forces me to give them my car’s mileage every year, as a control put upon me to make sure that all the discounts are deserved, otherwise they will charge me the maximum, because they ostensibly cannot trust me to be honest. You see, the less I drive my car, the lower my premiums should be. While I agree that this is draconian, I ostensibly have no other choice if I want a lower my 6 month, monthly premium.

    For the state to even consider this type of regulation, they must realize that it would create a whole new bureaucracy to manage that control. SO I SAY, INCREASE THE GAS TAX.

    Also, for you whiners out there in La La Land, you need to get real about what is really important about driving. Our whole society is based on its mobility and if that mobility is interfered with in any way, the outrage will be deafening.

    I have always believed that all taxes be based on Point Of Purchases sales, which leaves no loop holes for special interest to hide from paying their fair share, and this includes Gas tax as well. If the state needs more revenue, then it either must cut some programs or increase taxes on all sales relative to driving cars and trucks. Of course you must also realize that no trucking company will take that sitting down and will increase their rate pricing such that we will all end up paying more whether we like it or not.

    The bottom line is this; Californians must petition Sacramento to cut programs that only benefit those millions of illegal Immigrants, because with all things considered the working man and woman will pay one way or the other unless the state cuts programs that benefit only those few. The billions the state spends on taking care of illegal immigrants would well cover most of the increased expenditures.

  124. This just in…California decides to become Venezuela!

  125. Brian Mossie says:

    There’s never enough money in the once great state of California to do anything except for the crooked politicians pet projects that is. The politicians in this one party state create the problems then raise taxes to fix these same problems. We’re caught in a loop of stupidity which includes voters who keep on sending these same clowns to Sacramento every election cycle. And the clowns are lined up as far as the eye can see. The only solution for middle class families is to get out!

  126. Tom Smith says:

    Here is an idea, tax every stupid piece of legislation proposed by the DNC politicians in this state. Its a veritable gold mine given the amount of inane, ridiculous legislation by this Marxists one party state.

  127. If Kalifornia would stop giving cash and welfare and section 8 benefits to Illegal aliens, and spending money to be a sanctuary state, and spending money for all their medical needs, they might have money for the things they need for Americans.

  128. Gary O'Neal says:

    And everyone who can will pack their bags and drive out of the state, taking their tax dollars with them. Like Texas, our area here is already overrun with Left Coast transplants seeking tax relief and a better standard of living than sanctuary state Cali.

    Eventually, they’ll be no one left in California to pay taxes. Then what will the state do?

  129. Steve Hollar says:

    Just another of many reasons I’m so glad I moved out of California six years ago. Living there for 62 years was enough. No way would I ever go back. The stinking left can have it.

  130. FAKE report. Electrics now pay $150 extra per year for registration. And this yokel Senator who voted for that bill then voted to divert the money that was supposed to be dedicated to transportation to other things like funding Holder to keep illegals happy and the homeless in camp stoves. Only at the end when the lead anchor brought it up was it mentioned. The senator should have been challenged from the start.

  131. the state is 6 trillion in debt for the pensions promised, to state workers, this is a way to pay for it. This is a tax on the working class, many of us can’t afford to live in the Bay Area, so we drive long distances to work here. This is what happens when you have one party rule, the democrats hate the working class.

  132. Fuel Taxes WORK.
    When I register a passenger car, I pay a small fee for registration. When I register a truck, I pay a higher fee. When I register a heavy truck, I pay an even larger fee. Why? The truck is heavier and causes more wear and tear on the roadways.
    A truck will also pay more in fuel taxes the heavier that it is (less fuel economy).
    A lighter truck causes less wear and tear, and thus shouldn’t pay as much. The new Ford F-150 gets better mileage, and the Politicians want to tax it at the same rate. WAIT – The new truck is 700 pounds LIGHTER, that gives it better fuel economy, and – you guessed it – reduces wear and tear on the highways. The same can be said for cars – they’re all shaving and saving weight to boost fuel economy.
    Keep the fuel tax. Adjust it, if necessary. Raise the registration fees for Hybrids and Electric Vehicles. Do NOT spend millions on tracking devices and yet another bloated bureaucracy to track and bill the public.
    This is nothing more than another political job creation scheme… and another way for politicians to skim a few million more from taxpayers.

  133. Why would any sane individual live in kalifornikstan?

  134. Timothy Ryan says:

    Another nail in the coffin of liberal utopia. Better move to Texas before it fills up.

  135. Time to move. Plenty of other states that would love your residency without robbing you.


  137. James Webb says:

    I just read where California is giving a billion dollars to illegal aliens.

    No deals. No amnesty, pathway or incentives for illegal invading aliens.

    We can not afford to accept all of those that wish to come here
    .—– Watch— Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs and Immigration by the Numbers — “Off the Charts” NumbersUSA. Join numbersusa.
    They are for enforcing our immigration laws, lowering work visas, stopping anchor babies and making mandatory the use of e-verify, etc. They rate each politician on immigration issues and they have free faxes that you can send to the White House, your Senators and Representatives. It’s easy and free. Check out numbersusa and also your local anti-illegal immigration group. Feel free to repost.

  138. Ted Dettmann says:

    They will tell us it’s a replacement for the gas tax while planning all along not to repeal it.

  139. Hey I didn’t vote for any of these people who want this to happen.

  140. ddswaterloo says:

    What is your fair share of what someone else has earned??? It has to be EARNED before it can be taxed and stolen.
    Otherwise why work????

    The only way to achieve equality, then, is to penalize those who are successful, so that those who are not successful are at the same level as the successful ones.

  141. The following article is that there is not enough money given to the state for road repair but the fact is: audit reveals that less than 20% of current gas tax is used to repair roads. The balance is put into a general fund to pay heavy pension plans, pay increases, bonuses, and mishandling of taxpayer taxes (or government revenue). This current government has put California under financial stress due to greed and stupidity and they want taxpayers to pay for their continued abuse. DO NOT BUY INTO IT. There will be A CITIZEN REBEL and PROTEST soon to over throw these villians. This includes the crooked union in California and Nevada.

  142. Sean A Foltz says:

    Will they eliminate the gasoline taxes once they start charging per mile instead?

    Of course not.

  143. California residents deserve to be taxed on anything and everything their elected politicians might decide is the best remedy for fixing whatever crisis they have created through their own mismanagement of state funds. And as long as Democrats continue to be in charge of state spending, California can be assured of endless tax increases to cover the gross incompetence of the people they put in office.

  144. Ricky Keil says:

    As an out of state person, I don’t see CA dropping the gas tax if they go to a mileage tax simply because of the amount of tourism CA draws. I would suspect the amount of gas tax while not significant, is not insignificant either.