PITTSBURG (KPIX 5) — Authorities on Wednesday announced that eight members of a violent East Bay gang are off the streets and in custody.

The arrests came as part of as part of a 16-month investigation code-named “Operation Klap it Out.” Authorities said the men are connected to a string of crimes throughout the region.

State and federal authorities announced they arrested eight members of the “Broad Daylight Klap Gang” based in Antioch and Pittsburg.

The eight men are facing several charges including burglary, pimping and murder.

Court records show the Broad Day Gang is linked to at least five homicides in Contra Costa County.

The gang is believed to have a violent rivalry with a North Richmond gang that has branched out to Antioch in recent years.

The arrests of Darnell Keyon Lash, Ezell Tommy Jenkins, Dasheid Keonya Lash, D’Vance Jacquez Sumblin, Lester Gene Curry, Larry Darnell Goines, Jr. and Javell Cooksey as well as an eighth suspect in Mississippi represent a “significant and successful disruption” to the gang’s various criminal enterprises, according to District Attorney Diana Becton.

The suspect arrested in Mississippi, Giovante Boyd, is wanted for the fatal shooting of an innocent bystander killed during a drive-by shooting in Pittsburg back in March.

Police said Boyd’s victim, 47-year-old Andrew Moffett, was shot while Boyd was aiming at another man he suspected had stolen a gun from him.

Members of the gang are also alleged to have installed a 30-round magazine on a pistol and modified it to make it fully automatic.

They were heard on calls discussing firearm sales Authorities said they collected evidence the gang was selling cocaine, heroin and marijuana, according to court records.

“The brazen nature of this crime shows the level of danger this gang introduced to our community with no regard to public safety or life in a tragic incident that did not need to happen,” said Pittsburg Police Chief Brian Addington.

“These gangs need to start looking over their shoulder, because we are determined to bring pain to these gangs,” saud John Bennett with the FBI.

During the investigation, authorities recovered several firearms, ammunition and more than 11 pounds of marijuana.

District Attorney Becton said that these eight arrests have led to new leads, which they intend to follow up in collaboration with the FBI and
other law enforcement agencies.

  1. Good to hear that more “should have been aborted hoodrats” are off our streets.
    Praise the Lord!
    The more of these human pieces of garbage gone the better.

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