OAKLAND (KPIX) — An Oakland city council member has been ordered to pay millions after an altercation with a former Black Panther leader.

Elaine Brown filed a civil lawsuit against the City of Oakland and Councilwoman Delsey Brooks last year.

According to the lawsuit, Brown and Brooks got into a disagreement at a restaurant in 2015.

Brown claims Brooks said to her, “I haven’t moved on you before, because you are old, but I’m tired of your B.S.”

“Desley Brooks ended up taking both of her arms and striking Ms. Brown in the chest knocking Ms. Brown over a stack of chairs. Ms. Brown hit her head,” said Brown’s attorney, Charles Bonner.

In her lawsuit, Brown claimed elder abuse and battery.

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  1. Billy Smith says:

    what does that have to do with the city laying out that kind of money for a small unimportant event to pay out 3 million. grandstanding with their fist in the air.

  2. No, the City of Oakland is on the hook for the $3.75 Million because the jury found Desley Brooks was acting within her scope of work as a City employee in the assault. Plus, the jury comes back again in January to award additional punitive damages. Brooks’ pattern of behavior has been costly for the City for years. Now taxpayers may have to dish out $5 Million or more because of it. Unbelievable.