DETROIT (AP) — It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s a bird on a plane.

A Delta Air Lines flight captain decided to turn his plane around and return to Detroit after a bird was discovered inside the flight deck.

The airline says in a statement that shortly after takeoff Saturday, the pilots of Flight 1943 from Detroit to Atlanta saw a small bird in the flight deck. The unexpected passenger had entered the aircraft during boarding.

The captain decided to turn the plane around to “avoid a potential distraction” during the flight. The aircraft landed without incident and the bird was removed and set free.

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Comments (6)
  1. Greg Bayes says:

    A little bird causes a turnaround…snowflake pilots.

    1. Tony Thypon says:

      So what happens when the pilot takes the plane off autopilot to land plane and the bird flies in his face? Do you think any pilot would take such a risk especially with passengers on board?

      Please keep your idiotic comments to yourself moron.

  2. Mel Calvert says:

    Let’s pray that the Captain is not penalized for having a heart. Furthermore, I can, as a pilot, assure you that the attempt to catch or kill the bird could have been far more of a potential disaster. The Captain did the right thing! If he is penalized I will start a Crowd Funding on his behalf.

  3. Alan Whitney says:

    Well, birds are noted for their ability to fly by the seat of their pants…

  4. Sarah Newton says:

    little bird
    with a bright red bill
    sat upon
    my window sill
    I lured him in
    with a piece of bread
    say this to marching cadence. problem solved.

  5. It’s cold in Detroit. Poor bird was trying to hitch a ride South.

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