SANTA CLARA (AP) — Security researchers at Google say they’ve discovered serious security flaws affecting computer processors built by Intel and other chipmakers.

Google’s Project Zero team said Wednesday that the flaw could allow bad actors to gather passwords and other sensitive data from a system’s memory.

The tech company disclosed the vulnerability not long after Intel said it’s working to patch it. Intel says the average computer user won’t experience significant slowdowns as it’s fixed.

The chipmaker was forced to disclose the problem Wednesday after a report by British technology site The Register caused Intel’s stock to fall.

Both Intel and Google said they were planning to disclose the issue next week when fixes will be available. Google says it also affects other processors and the devices and operating systems running them.

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Comments (2)
  1. Looks like the millions of dollar those dou che engineers at Intel are making is another example of overpaid nerds who need to go back to school.

    1. Actually, the engineers at Intel are underpaid cheap labor tech workers from India.
      Please check your “facts” before you post garbage.

      Well educated, smart, and experienced American engineers have been displaced by cheap H1b tech labor from places like red China, India, and even Romania. Reason? H1b workers earn about 60% of what American workers would ask for. Evidently, Intel got what it paid for in terms of design and quality. Microsoft is doing the same thing. Indian workers sleep under their desks in the office.

      Good thing President Trump is limiting the H1b visa program. It is abusive to both, H1b workers and American engineers. America and Americans first!

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