By Juliette Goodrich

OAKLAND (KPIX 5) — A community is rallying around an East Bay grocery store clerk who got fired for trying to stop a crime. People can’t understand why trying to do the right thing got him canned.

When residents of Oakland’s Montclair District found out a beloved Lucky store employee of 17 years was fired for stopping a late night shoplifter they were outraged.

They all know him by his first name, Tang.

“His reward is getting fired from his job,” said Bradley White.

“I thought it was appalling,” said Diane Noroian, who lives in Montclair. “He followed the man out of the store and was spit on.”

Indeed, Tang was spit on by the shoplifter, and then fired by his company.

Lucky’s said it is corporate policy that employees don’t physically engage with customers.

But in a community worried about crime, many appreciated a store employee’s efforts to protect customers and try to stop a crime from happening.

“In the Village itself, there have been laptops stolen, purses stolen – it’s frightening ,” said Noroian. “I don’t feel safe coming down to the Village.”

Many appreciated a store employee’s efforts to protect customers and try to stop a crime from happening.

Montclair resident Kathy Neal is one of them.

“On a day honoring Martin Luther King, a man who broke the rules to do the right thing, this is appropriate we are here trying to support someday who did exactly that,” she said.

“We do not have enough police patrolling the hills,” said Bradley White.

Some customers have even started a #SaveTang movement online.

“There is an explosion on Nextdoor, there are all these posts,” said White. “People are outraged this guy worked 17 years and later we find out he got fired.”

Tang didn’t want to go on camera, but he told KPIX 5 he didn’t want to break the rules, he was just tired of seeing the shoplifting happening, over and over again.

Other employees said they’ve seen an increase in shoplifting, ever since customers have been asked to bring in their own bags. They fill up their bags and leave without paying at the register.

Juliette Goodrich

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  1. Mike Arvand says:

    Typical of this pu**y whipped society. Punish the person upholding the law, and rewarding the criminal. pathetic.

  2. Steve Frank says:

    This is how Leftists operate. Why is ANYONE surprised? We are just shaved and individual thought and common sense are frowned upon by Leftists.

    MAGA 2020.

  3. Exactly what you have come to expect in a State that encourages sodomy.

  4. Spontaneous1 says:

    just hep your self

  5. Mike Herman says:

    Attention Lucky Supermarket shoppers. Avoid checkout lines and payment by leaving the store without paying. Nobody here will stop you. That’s why you are “lucky” and Lucky.

  6. We live in the East Bay suburbs and don’t see so much of that nutty stuff here. Having said that, the risk averse nature of the culture and business climate stems from the chronically high cost of living and sue happy nature of this place. Make one wrong move and you lose your house which you paid too much for and should have never bought. Nuts.

  7. Tango Victor says:

    but no reference or description of the shoplifting model customer.

    1. Gus Levy says:

      A late night instance of larceny in Oaktown. Disrespecting another person’s dignity by spitting on them.

      This has the basic earmarks of an Amish gangmember…

  8. Stop calling the guy a customer. He’s a criminal, not a customer. That makes Lucky’s “policy” null and void. He did not “physically engage with customers”. He tried to stop a thief.

  9. I am not sure of what Luckys policies are; However most large companies have very very specific policies against employees going after shoplifters. What would you guys be saying if this clerk was shot or stabbed, let alone spat upon. It is a huge safety issue. This clerk could have endanagered the lives of people around him and that of his own. While this sucks for him, after 17 years I am sure he is well aware of what Luckys policy is.

    1. Gee Chris, are you Neville Chamberlain reincarnated?

    2. Kim Davis says:

      Tang says he tried to protect the store? he knew he wasn’t suppose to run after shop lifters. Its store policy.. and then starts beating up the shop lifter with his fist after being spit on..I don’t care how tired he was of shop lifters… that was not his position to run after a shoplifter and then “physically engage with the shoplifter” by punishing him and throwing his body against other customers cars parked in Lucky store parking lot.. and fighting in front of two small children making them cry who were shopping with their parents.. and then afterwards he bragged about how he beat up a shop lifter in front of customers … the right thing he should had done was call the police and take down the shoplifters license plate number.. Tang tells only “part of the story” and not the whole story.. now he realizes what he did cost him his job.. now he wants people to feel sorry for his immature unwise actions by breaking store policy.. not only once but (twice) by running after shoplifters and physically engaging with a shop lifter by punching and shoving the shop lifter… not only is this against Lucky store policy but also his actions were a “physical assault with the law”.. anytime when you put your hands on someone to hurt them is called “physical assault” and one can press charges…maybe this will teach him a life lesson… and hope he learns from it.. besides he’s not a police officer nor security guard he was just a lucky clerk.. trying to act like one… maybe he can apply to become a police officer sense it seems his ambition in life is to protect and fight crimes.. I think he’ll do well in that field..

  10. tngilmer says:

    In California, criminals are king. It is time to excise the cancer. Support Calexit.

  11. Lucky’s said it is corporate policy that employees don’t physically engage with customers, well, here is the bi hole in your argument, the minute the person decided to walk out of the store without paying, that person became a criminal suspect and not a customer. The guy had every right to pursue the shoplifter.

  12. tonyome says:

    Blacks are higher on the social justice rung than Asians, so of course the Asian gets the short end of the stick.

  13. The solution is simple, boycott that grocery store.

  14. Josh Bond says:

    Attention shoplifters: Proceed to the Oakland Supermarket called Lucky’s. They are not allowed to stop, detain, or question you while shoplifting. By the time police arrive, if they are even called, you’ll be long gone. Thank you, that is all.


  16. Cam Kirmser says:

    “Lucky’s said it is corporate policy that employees don’t physically engage with customers.”

    Since when is a shoplifter a customer?

  17. Sam Dennis says:

    Hey folks, if Lucky’s management wants to redistribute their wealth to criminals, then that is their Right ….anyone objecting to that policy should work or shop elsewhere.

  18. I am not advocating the criminal’s actions. Most corporate stores explicitly instruct the employee not to interfere and attempt to stop criminal activity in the store and while on duty. The store would rather lose a few hundred dollars in product than deal with litigation if the employee injured the criminal, or the employee himself getting injured in the process. Then there is workers comp payments and a potentially long legal process.

    However, hope they catch that criminal and lock him up. But, being California, we should probably provide him with housing, a car, phone and a large monthly stipend.

  19. What kind of society do we live in when we just let them go? This BS only encourages more shoplifting – if they’re not going to be chased down, then why not do it again, and again and again.

  20. Obviously those in charge of the sh!thole neighborhood want it to remain a sh!thole.

  21. Lee Boyland says:

    Hmmm, lets see if I understand this?

    Lucky considers shoplifters “customers.” (“Lucky’s said it is corporate policy that employees don’t physically engage with customers.”)

    If shoplifters are customers, then everyone in the area should shop(lift) at Lucky. Free food is a good thing. Wish we had a Lucky store in my neighborhood.

  22. Let’s remember that the cost of these crimes is always passed on to the customers. Many assume falsely that they don’t affect them. In fact, they affect the customers, not the owners.

  23. As he should’ve been. He’s a liability. He put the company at risk for too many possible torts; assault, battery, false imprisonment. Then, if he had gotten hurt in the process of trying to be a hero, he could be collecting workers comp on the companies dime. If his actions had escalated the situation and other shoppers got hurt, then the company would be looking at negligence suits from the other shoppers. Shoplifting is already accounted for in shrinkage anyway. His actions could have cost the company more money then whatever petty item was allegedly stolen. Yes he did the morally right thing, but from a business and legal perspective, no.

  24. Pete Dosado says:

    Why the surprise that this is happening in a Sh** Hole place?

  25. I understand the company policy. If he gets hurt they have to pay workers comp, forever. 1,000,000 WC claim over $15.00 stolen.

  26. Ed Nolan says:

    No good deed goes unpunished.

  27. Eli Toro says:

    I just love the Law Of Unintended Consequences…

    Shoplifting is on the rise since the policy of using your on bags was implemented (thank you environmentalist movement).

    Don’t worry about shoplifting – the store has a built in pricing policy to coverage “shrinkage” (thank you idiot economist – that pricing policy is covered by HIGHER prices).

    Store policies that fire employees for trying to prevent crimes (zero tolerance policies are shown to be zero intelligence management – stick your head in the sand and maybe the problem will go away, that’s exactly what Amazon is counting on – Big Box store poor management).

  28. Jenny Hope says:

    Tang probably voted for Hillary and now he is finding out what real liberals are.

  29. Teddy Coral says:

    So just fyi everybody. You can apparently shop lift from Lucky’s and they aren’t allowed to do anything about it. Wear a mask and the cops won’t even be able to find you after they waste time reviewing the security footage. And the delightful part is that those people stupid enough to actually pay for their groceries get to pay a higher cost for everything to offset the shoplifting losses.

  30. David Moore says:

    Dear Mr. Tang… Having read about your recent ordeal, I wish I hadn’t sold my business (wholesale/retail medical supplies & equipment) and retired, as I would offer you a job seeing as how Lucky obviously doesn’t appreciate you and your work ethic! Surely there is someone out there willing to help out… if you are in such need. Good luck to you, sir!

  31. James Bowen says:

    Hey, it’s Oakland… Free food for who ever wants it, those honest people that have jobs and work hard to get ahead will pay for it in higher prices. Besides they love illegals who commit crimes, they need their votes..

  32. This is also what you get when you have over a million ambulance-chasing, ACLU lawyers waiting around. Parasites – many of them. Shaping an America in their image.

  33. It’s all about creating a culture of victims and an ethos of weakness…corporate America has been the primary driver behind this influence. Disgusting and pathetic.

  34. Larry Smith says:

    and if he got hurt he would sue the store…sure it will be hard to find another min wage job…start a go fundme and give him a million

  35. The community needs to act together an start a boycott of the store, money is all these creeps listen too.

  36. Black on Asian crime. Liberals hate Asians.

  37. Bob Stone says:

    your article is literally just a transcript of the auto play video. ….. wow.