OAKLAND (CBS SF) — While dozens of spectators gathered nearby for an illegal sideshow early Sunday, a group of young men smashed through the front door of an Oakland gas station and made off with drinks and candy.

The looting was captured on surveillance camera video.

“A few of the group members, they just broke the glass window and entered into the store,” the station owner, who did not want to be identified, said. “They robbed some chocolates and candies, but no injury to the staff. They did not rob the cashier area.”

On the video clip, four young men can be seen, smashing through the gas station’s front door and loading up with cans of soda before racing out the front door. A few moments later, they run into the station again and ransack the candy display.

According to police, spectators also broke windows of businesses and threw bottles at officers.

Police cited numerous drivers and towed numerous vehicles after breaking up sideshow around 2:10 a.m. The sideshow took place in the area of High Street and Foothill Boulevard near Fremont High School.


An early-morning sideshow in Oakland. (CBS)

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