SAN JOSE (KPIX 5) – In San Jose protesters disrupted the mayor’s State of the City Address, chanting, “Say it loud, say it clear, Google is not welcome here.”

It’s a tactic not seen very often.

They were fired up and the protests were loud and disruptive by design.

“Not our mayor!” they yelled.

“People are fearing that they won’t be able to live in San Jose,” said Serve the People San Jose member Liz Gonzalez.

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It’s a grassroots group opposed to Google’s plans to build a mega-campus in downtown.

“We have to be in their face because we’re fighting to stay in the city that we grew up with that we love where our family and friends are,” she says.

The group interrupted Mayor Sam Liccardo’s address four times…

“Serve the people!” they yelled.

“I just don’t think shouting at each other is the right way to have a dialogue,” says City Councilwoman Deb Davis.

Councilwoman Davis worries their message about the woeful lack of affordable housing will be overshadowed by their in-your-face methods.

“We have a public process set up. It will be public,” she says. “There will be plenty of time for everyone’s voices to be heard.”

“San Jose has suffered from the worst jobs to housing imbalance of any major city.”

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Mayor Liccardo says the city’s housing crisis pre-dates Google. He’s unveiled an ambitious plan to build 25,000 new homes, 10,000 of them affordable, in the next five years. He believes the public needs to temper its expectations of the tech giant.

Affordable Housing Network President Sandy Perry disagrees.

“Google is not responsible for San Jose’s problems? That’s ridiculous,” she says. “They’re a part of this community. They have to be responsible for the social problems in this community.”

“From my conversations with Google executives, they want to be a part of our community,” says Davis.

But in this community there is a growing and increasingly vocal opposition to their presence.

Meanwhile, the Google campus is about a decade away from breaking ground. The city recently set a sale price for several city-owned properties for $67 million.

Comments (24)
  1. Ken Lima says:

    Impeach Mayor Sam Liccardo.

  2. nduenkel says:

    I live in Mountain View and I can tell you from personal experience that Google has ruined the community and doesn’t give to hoots about the citizens here. In fact, they would like nothing more to have all of us pack up and leave so their employees can move in. Sound like the two folks supporting Google in this piece are paid off – yup – Google paid off the city politicians here too… SJ keep fighting!

    1. Lest they think that they have dodged the bullet on this one, Yahoo in Sunnyvale, next door to SJ, isn’t any better than Google.

  3. Dave Fay says:

    Time to bust up Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple. They have gotten too big, too powerful and too political, they need to broken up into smaller entities.

  4. Todd Carlson says:

    Liberals don’t think shouting is the answer when it’s aimed at them.

  5. tngilmer says:

    Leftist protesters attacking a leftist company owned by leftist billionaires. I love it.

  6. Bruce Allan says:

    Antifa not yet realizing that fascism is exactly what the end result of socialism’s failure produces! Look at China now, having a “privately owned” enterprises controlled by the state! Whoops – didn’t see that one coming!

  7. That brings up a good question; how many homeless, refugees and illegals will they be able to house in Job’s spaceship when Apple moves out of State?

  8. Google: “don’t be evil” BWAHAHAHA!

  9. Awesome. So, property values skyrocket due to influx of overpaid tech stooges, and legacy citizens are pushed out.

  10. Wasn’t it Google who spent all of it’s time at the White House when Obama was there. I wonder what they were up to. The Dems and their supporters never said a boo back then. Now all of a sudden they are upset about being displaced by Google. Spare me the tears.

  11. They should be protesting the fact that Google is censoring the news and searches it delivers. They are evil and a free society gets rid of evil like them. Regulation.

  12. Daca is caca
    ACA is caca
    Google is S***hole company

  13. If 25,000 homes are built and only 10,000 are affordable, who buys the other 15,000??

  14. Fred Smith says:

    Liberals are such hypocrites. They complain about the lack of affordable housing but then practice NIMBYism. Look at NYC, the city wants to put a homeless shelter in a very upscale area and the rich are up in arms. The effect on their property taxes! The homeless can’t afford the $6 coffees, it’ll be traumatic for them! Funny, these hypocrites don’t care if Section 8 housing brings crime to middle class neighborhoods or that illegals take away jobs from blacks. It’s high time that these very rich imbeciles get a dose of real progressivism. Rich liberals in NYC, Silicon Valley, Sagaponack, Beverly Hills, Aspen, etc… needs to get slammed with ALL the “benefits” of diversity that these sc umbags are foisting on the 99%.

  15. Don’t want Google? The mayor won’t help. Either vote him out, or start threatening his and his families lives. Watch how quick Google is gone. You know, the same thing Liberals do. Learn from them.

  16. Harry Ballza says:

    No more jobs! No new jobs! No more jobs! No new jobs! No more jobs! No new jobs! Oh please don’t let them leave to states that are doing great and don’t need their ideology messing those areas up. You should fix your city and state before giving up and going to areas that don’t need your politics.