By Dennis O'Donnell

You have heard that BART is thumbing their nose at a possible A’s stadium at Howard Terminal. Read their lips, “No new BART Station.” Deal breaker? Not on my treadmill.

How far would you walk to see an A’s game?

Let’s say you got off at the West Oakland BART Station. You walk one mile to the A’s new digs at Howard Terminal, it’s takes you 20 minutes. Unreasonable? Giants fans have the exact same distance from Montgomery BART to AT&T Park. One mile, 20 minutes. It seems to work well for them.

C’mon folks. California ranks among the healthiest, fittest states in the union. I mean, who doesn’t dig a nice tofu platter every now and then, right?

Worried about walkin’ on the wrong side of the tracks? Boy, have I got a bridge I’d like to sell you. If they can build a walking bridge over tracks at the Coliseum, they can do it here.

You want a great location for a ballpark? Get out and walk for it.

Dennis O'Donnell