BAY POINT (CBS SF) — One person was killed and three others suffered major injuries early Thursday when their vehicles collided in a Bay Point intersection and then careened into a tree stump, barely missing a home, authorities said.

California Highway Patrol Officer Brandon Correia said that the driver of a Chevy Camaro was driving at a high rate of speed when his vehicle drifted into the opposite lane of Port Chicago Highway and collided head-on with a Dodge Ram truck at around 12:51 a.m.

Originally it was reported that two people had died in the crash, Correia said that information was incorrect.

The impact of the crash sent the two vehicles careering into the yard of a home on Wharf Drive. The vehicles slammed into a tree stump that tore both of them into twisted pieces of metal in Mark Martin’s yard.

“It was one of the loudest (crashes) — it shook the whole house,” Martin told KPIX 5. “I thought it was almost a dream until I heard a man screaming.”

When Martin came out of home, he saw the carnage.

“All these things are going through your mind,” he said. “Oh man, someone crashed into my home then you see the people hurting and in pain.”

Martin said he attempted to aid the occupants of the vehicles before the police and emergency crews arrived.

Correia said a passenger in the Camaro died at the scene. The county coroner’s office identified him as Alejandro Moreno Garcia, 20, of Bay Point.

Three others — the driver of the Camaro and two occupants of the truck — were transported to the hospital with major injuries.

He said the Camaro driver, identified as Raul Moreno Ochoa Jr. was arrested at the hospital on suspicion of DUI and may face manslaughter charges.

The two people in the truck, a 51-year-old man and a 46-year-old woman, were listed in critical condition.

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  1. What is Ochoa’s immigration status and can he be deported for this crime?????

    1. He will probably just get a nice welfare check and some free housing for his many loose wives that are too dumb to understand why a Taco Bell wage is not enough to live in this country.

  2. Why is this horrific? Raul Moreno Ochoa Jr. just sounds like another illegal Hispanic who probably thought that our borders are just there for the f&*k of it.
    Time to deport all of this garbage back to their vermin-filled country where they can eat STD holes and sit around all day drinking their watered-down Tequila.

  3. Rho Mu says:

    It is with heavy hearts that unfortunately the female passenger that was taken to John Muir Hospital Medical Center with Life-Thereatening Condition has passed away.

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