RICHMOND (CBS SF) — Two suspects have been arrested after the pursuit of a Dodge Challenger involved in a Richmond carjacking ended with the vehicle crashing into the garage of a vacant home, authorities said.

Richmond police said one of its officers was patrolling a Iron Triangle neighborhood when he saw a distinct car – a Dodge Challenger with a black stripe on the side and stripes on top. The officer remembered an armed carjacking incident a few day before that involved that same car.

The officer called for back-up and when the other officers arrived attempted a traffic stop. When the officers were giving orders to the occupants, the driver of the carjacked Challenger stepped on the accelerator and took off.

The officers got back into their patrol cars and started a pursuit. The Challenger had a head start and the officers couldn’t catch up. But Challenger driver lost control and crashed into a garage.

When the officers arrived at the crash scene, they began a search aided by tracking dogs.

Both suspects were discovered hiding and arrested. No one in the car or home were injured.

  1. Kerry Lutz says:

    Isn’t there a place these car thieves can go to learn how to drive?

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