SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — After years of debate, it’s official: San Francisco police will be armed with Tasers.

Despite much public opposition, in a 6-to-1 vote, the San Francisco Police Commission approved a Taser policy on Wednesday night.

This clears the way to eventually arm police officers with the weapons.

The police commission approved Tasers in November 2017, but held off on deploying them until it came up with a policy.

San Francisco Mayor Mark Farrell released a statement following the vote, saying: “We need to provide our officers with every tool and resource available to keep our communities safe.”

Comments (2)
  1. I’m 100% behind giving our police officers all the tools they can use to keep us safe and stay safe themselves in the process. I just want us to be wary that they don’t fall into the trend we see that the use of the taser skyrockets in the place of other less-than-lethal options. We all prefer the use of a taser over a fatal bullet, but we see all too often the use of taser before deescalation and physical controls are considered. It’s unconscionable to taser citizens because it is easier than talking things through or using some initial physical controls. Definitely use this valuable tool when appropriate, but let’s continue to train our officers in the use of ALL their options… especially deescalation.

  2. I attended and spoke out at this meeting last night. The San Francisco Police Commission is a joke. I’ve learned my lesson regarding trusting that members of the board would do the right thing. They didn’t. The SF Police Commission cannot be trusted to do the right thing. The right thing would be to retire Halloran. He’s a-hole and a menace and he’s bad news for the City of San Francisco.