OAKLAND – Investigators want to know why it took hours for a woman to report there was a dead man in her Oakland apartment.

The woman didn’t tell any of the neighbors and waited at least 30 minutes to call the police, according to a neighbor who did not want to be identified.

“Strange she didn’t call the cops,” he said. “Common sense, the first thing to do.”

The neighbor lives across the hallway. He says around 12:30 Saturday afternoon he heard the woman screaming in the hallway.

“She was panicking, screaming and yelling ‘oh my God, what to do? What to do? What to do?’ She asked me if I heard something like last night and stuff like that,” he said. “I said I was not at home. I offered help and she said don’t worry and left.”

Police said the woman called her mother to the apartment first. After the mother arrived, then they called the police around 1 p.m.

Inside the woman’s first floor apartment, Oakland police found a man shot dead, possibly overnight.

Ali Muhammad says the victim is his younger brother, Rahim Muhammad.

He says ‘s never met the woman and doesn’t know why his brother ended up dead in her apartment.

The complex is on 23rd Avenue, about a block away from Garfield Elementary School.

“Trying to stay calm for the family. I love my little bother — we’ll get through this,” said Ali.

Detectives spent about an hour interviewing the woman. At times, she appeared animated, nervous and even emotional during the interview. They eventually took her back to the police department for more questioning.

It is not clear if the woman knew the victim. At this time, the police are not treating her as a suspect.

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  1. Hmm…crime and black people in Oakland mix like Rum and Coca-Cola. Both are entertaining.

  2. Harper Jones, certainly there isn’t anything entertaining about the murder of any individual.
    Perhaps you are one of the Jinn.

    1. What century are you from? The Jinn…LOL.

      The reason that you have stories like this one in Oakland is because that city has a lot of idiots.

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