STINSON BEACH (KPIX) — Getting to Stinson Beach is going to be a lot more difficult Saturday, partly because of road conditions, but also because one of the main parking lots here collapsed overnight because of the storm.

There is not much left of the north parking lot at Stinson Beach. You can see where the asphalt is marked for parking spaces and then suddenly falls off a cliff. Locals say it has been eroding for some time.

“Before it was just a little stream here and now it looks like a mini Stinson Niagara Falls!” said Savahna Rippe.

“It got eroded last night with all the rain that fell,” said Stinson Beach Fire Chief Teddy Stevens. “We’ve lost about 150 feet of asphalt here.”

The fire chief says those who make it to the town are welcome to come and surf and enjoy the beach.

He says although the park is accessible it will technically be closed because this parking lot and another one are inaccessible.

Chief Teddy Stevens / Stinson Beach Fire Dept.
“It’s going to be a major repair. We’re looking at some time before we get back to normal,” said Stevens. “Maybe weeks or even months.”

Road crews along the Panoramic Highway that leads to Stinson Beach have had their hands full clearing out and shoring up small rockslides. The road is open to traffic.

Nearby Muir Woods is closed. A small mudslide is partially blocking one of the roadways. Some trees were knocked down during the storm. The National Park Service says this redwood forest will not be reopening until further notice. People who prepaid the $8 per car reservation will be refunded.


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