MCKINLEYVILLE (CBS SF) — A crew of five fishermen has been rescued in the waters off Northern California after their vessel burst into flames, the Coast Guard reported Thursday.

The incident began Wednesday morning when the crew of the 47-foot vessel Midori issued a mayday cell phone call, reporting a fire onboard to the Coast Guard and other nearby fishing boats 10 miles west of Trinidad. The crew donned their survival suits and abandoned ship into a life raft.

The Coast Guard immediately dispatched a helicopter and a 47-foot boat to help with the rescue. Meanwhile, the fishing boat Pacific Bully also rushed to the scene, located the crew in a life raft and pulled them onboard.

The Midori crew did not suffer any injury in the incident.

When the Coast Guard crews arrived, they discovered the Midori’s pilothouse engulfed in flames. A passing tug, the Michelle Sloan, diverted from its course and helped extinguished the blaze.

“The quick response of the vessels Pacific Bully, Charlie D and Michelle Sloan, along with the Midori’s readiness with appropriate survival equipment saved the lives of five fishermen yesterday,” said Cmdr. Brendan Hilleary, the chief of response at Sector Humboldt Bay.