SAN RAMON (CBS SF) — Some students in the Bay Area and across the country were participating Wednesday in a walkout to support gun rights and the Second Amendment.

The walkout is being called, “Stand for the Second,” and supporters say it’s to protect their constitutional rights.

A group of students at San Ramon’s California High School took part in the nationwide walk out. Organizers suggested students should leave class for 16 minutes at 10 a.m.

“I know it’s hard when, you know, there’s so many people to tell you: you can’t do this, this is wrong, this is unsafe, you’re bad people for showing you believe in something that you’ve always believed in and something’s that a basic human right,” said student Hayden Fuller. “I was just proud that everyone was able to come out here and show what they actually believe in.”

“We just want to show that there are people that support the Second Amendment and you don’t have to be afraid to openly support the Second Amendment,” said student Nathan Hirtle.

A New Mexico high school student, Will Riley, organized the event along with the Tea Party Patriots Citizen Fund. The event was in response to the nationwide walkout by students in March to demand stricter gun control and to protest gun violence, prompted by the Florida school shooting massacre in February.

Other Bay Area schools participating included Montgomery High in Santa Rosa, College Park in Martinez, and Downtown College Prep Alum Rock in San Jose.

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  1. Marc Medina says:

    Well done! It’s so good to see that there are young people in Kalifornia with good sense who haven’t been brain washed by liberalism!