SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — San Francisco Supervisor and Mayoral candidate Jane Kim is setting the record straight, on her own terms.

Kim, who represents San Francisco’s SoMa, Tenderloin and Treasure Island neighborhoods, published a post on Medium titled  “No Filter” on Thursday.

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The Medium post, Kim writes, was provoked by a San Francisco Chronicle reporter who sent her questions about her personal background and that of her family, on a tight deadline.

Kim writes, “It’s oppo dump time. If you aren’t familiar with the term, it’s what happens when a rival campaign collects opposition research and dumps it into the hands of a journalist eager to make a saucy headline.”

Kim decided to post the reporter’s questions verbatim and then answer them in full on the Medium post, for all to see.

Kim writes, “I have no issue with answering the questions. But in this case, I feel voters would be better served to see exactly what was asked and exactly how I answered without going through the filter of a predetermined narrative.”

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In the post, Kim answers all the reporters questions, describing her childhood in New York City and the accomplishments of her immigrant parents.

Throughout the post, Kim also highlights questions that she believes contain “false assertions” and questions the reporter’s agenda.

The Chronicle’s final question asks: “Couldn’t someone looking at all these details about your life draw a different conclusion about your background than the one presented in your campaign narrative — that you’re more of a child of privilege than you paint yourself? And wouldn’t’ this change voters’ view of you if they were presented with your true background?”

To this, Kim responds, “It is absolutely extraordinary that this question would be asked in this way. Seemingly every word in it was chosen to advance a specific story favored by my opponents. This is not journalism as I understand it.”

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Kim then asks her own questions to the Chronicle. The full post can be read here: