PACIFICA (KPIX 5) — Hundreds of jellyfish have washed up onto the shore of a popular Peninsula beach.

Beachgoers at Pacifica’s Linda Mar Beach discovered the moon jellies scattered all over the sand over the Memorial Day weekend.

Most of them have dried out since then. Some beachgoers say they’ve seen more jellyfish in the water recently.

“It’s strange but a little scary,” said local surfer Ari Simon. “Touched a bunch of them. Doesn’t seem to bother me.”

In 2014, thousands of jellyfish-like creatures, commonly known as by-the-wind sailors, blew onto Pacifica beaches.

Jellyfish have also washed up on San Francisco’s Ocean Beach in 2010 and 2004. A National Park Service spokesman said the 2010 incident was likely due to a combination of a large swell and an increase in the species’ population in the area.