Warning: Video above may be disturbing

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — A small dog which was yapping at a man on a San Francisco sidewalk was severely injured after the man brutally kicked into a wall in an attack caught on camera.

Investigators are thankful the attack and the suspect were captured on video and hope the publicized images lead to an arrest.

Surveillance video obtained by KPIX 5 clearly shows a little dog running up to a stranger and the man then kicking it away.

But the dog recovered and ran up to the man again. That’s when the man kicked it again, launching it into a wall and fracturing its skull, according to police.

The man then ran off. Investigators obtained close up pictures of the suspect, who appears to be a black man in his 30s, wearing a dark, short sleeve shirt, some king of necklace, dark pants and a black do-rag or skullcap.

Dog owner Lynda Coburn saw it happen in front of her is the dog’s owner. “I’m devastated, you know? He’s my everything,” she said.

Coburn has had four-year-old Puppet – a Chihuahua and Jack Russell mix – since he was a puppy. She’s homeless and sleeps in the alley near Annie and Market streets where the attack happened.

Coburn said before the man kicked Puppet, he had been fighting with a nearby. “My dog could feel that anger in him because he’s basically my service dog. He’s not certified yet, but he’s my service dog and he was barking at him.”

In the video, Coburn is seen running over and scooping the unconscious dog into her arms.

Fortunately, she has a close relationship with the building owners who help her from time to time. They’re paying her dog’s medical bills and called police who arrived on scene within minutes of the attack.

One officer actually transported the dog in a police vehicle rather than wait for animal care and control to arrive.

Now Coburn is just waiting for answers, hoping Puppet survives the night. “He’s the only thing I live for out here,” she said.

San Francisco police urge anyone who recognizes the man in the video to contact the department.


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  1. Her “service animal” should have been restrained with a leash in public. Although the pedestrian did nothing to provoke the dog it attacked, not once but twice. It is no doubt a normal occurance but this time the victim responded, albeit quite harshly. The dog owner is totally responsible for whatever happens when unrestrained and able to attack innocent passerby’s.

    1. zenmanyo says:

      Here in San Francisco, Dog Lives Matter trump Black Lives.

    2. Hear! Hear!
      The dog tried to bite the man numerous times. Just barking is a fantasy. The dog went after the man’s ankles. I own two dogs and would never allow them to endanger a person in any way.

      1. And of course there is nothing wrong with a man five times the size of the dog to be filled with such anger that h has to fracture the dogs skull of course. Give me a break. Yes, it shouldn’t have been off leash. But seriously? He could have done something else; he has some serious anger issues.

    3. Why are all dogs called service animals?? that was just a unleashed dog, The dog attacked and tried to bite the man for no reason!

    4. I did not know barking was consider as an attack from a dog! Really!

  2. skane1014 says:

    This incident should come as no surprise. San Francisco abandoned any pretense of civilization a long time ago. “If it feels good, do it!” is the theme and anything goes there, including a brutal attack on a little defenseless dog.

    1. Ah, common. A race thing. To some people it is ALWAYS a race thing. That guy could have been me and I am and OLD White guy. And IMHO the dog asked for it. Not a race thing.

  3. Jim Gravelyn says:

    Yeah, I totally side with the man. The dog is attacking, he has a right to protect himself, he didn’t really unload until the dog came after him a third time. What is he supposed to do, let the dog sink his teeth into his ankle, then suffer through the mandatory rabies shots because nobody can locate the homeless person who owns the dog? Keep your dog on a leash, lady!

    1. bandit08 says:

      AYFKM??? The dog didn’t attack anyone. The bigger animal who kicked the tiny little dog doesn’t belong in civilization where he’s unable to cope.

      1. I guess you did not watch the video.

      2. The dog didn’t attack anyone? Did you watch the video? Did you see her run after the dog to restrain it from biting at the man? She and her friends probably got a thrill out of her dog’s belligerent actions until someone put a stop to it. I don’t care what the size of the dog is. I don’t care what the size of the person is. You might be smaller than me, but if you hit me, you’ll regret it. Control your anger, because you are mistaken if you think you get a pass on battering someone because of your size, and control your animal, or someone else will. May you get mauled by a cuddly Staffordshire Bull Terrier. They’re really not that big. Have some compassion for the dog while it ‘greets’ you.

      3. Alison Milne says:

        I agree I didn’t see the dog attack anyone and anyone who watched that video who did needs to get their eyes checked. The dog ran up to the guy barking 3x’s. That’s it. The dog didn’t bite him, latch onto his leg, etc. There was NO attack. Now I will agree the homeless woman should have had him on a leash, but there is a reason she is homeless. She should have picked up the dog and held him after he went barking after the guy, but his reaction was absolutely uncalled for and is animal abuse.

  4. bdnsc says:

    I guess the pot heads have taken over CBS San Francisco. This article is total gibberish.
    And to the homeless lady…Why wasn;t your dog on a leash?
    Send he the bill for the cop car ride and the vet and write her a** a ticket for an unrestrained dog!

  5. Stu Pedasso says:

    Another great argument in favor of concealed carry?

  6. The unrestrained dog went after the man’s ankles several times. Every had your Achilles heel latched onto by a small dog? Man had EVERY RIGHT to kick that dog. Injury to the animal is the responsibility of the dog’s owner. Any police dept that would arrest a man for this is warped.

  7. The dog was loose and attacked the man. The man has a right to defend himself. I’ve been bitten by dogs and it’s horrible! There are leash laws for a reason.

  8. So when a cop beats up a small girl saying he was threatened by her…that’s wrong too, right? Charges pending?

  9. The dog should have been leashed but regardless, good dogs can sense evil in people. He went after that thug because he smelled malevolence on him.

  10. It’s sad, but the event was the fault of the owner, who failed to leash the dog or train it. Owners of small dogs often feel that their dogs are so tiny and cute that any amount of aggression on their parts ought to be winked at and tolerated. Tragedies like this occur when people or other dogs take their threats seriously and defend themselves. Large dogs have a wide range of responses to belligerant little ones, and sometimes it’s lethal.

    I used to have six Russian Wolfhounds and was practically the only dog owner in my small rural town to bother with fencing and walking my dogs. The town was thick with loose, aggressive dogs pf varying sizes. You’d think that loose dogs would avoid my 600 pounds of 43 mph wolf killers, all walking with perfect manners on leashes, but they didn’t. A kamikaze attack by an overconfident smaller dog, charging into the midst of my hounds and biting with a suicidal earnestness, was an almost daily occurrence. After Nadezhda, my hunter in chief, nearly killed two Dachshunds, who had of course attacked her, the local judge called me and warned me that “I would be found guilty” if my hounds hurt anyone’s loose dog again.

    Ah, the irony. I was the only one actually obeying the law and I had it threatening me. I moved to a place where there is a more responsible standard among dog owners, but I see on Facebook that my former town is plagued by snapping dogs taking out schoolchildren and runners. Residents gripe and make demands about it to mayoral candidates. And that’s what happens when the law is enforced capriciously and according to who is small and harmless looking, instead of equal treatment under the law. The Judge made that bed and I hope she’s enjoying sleeping in it.

    1. Eric Jones says:

      Leash your dogs, plain and simple. This might be tough to comprehend but human beings take precedent over your animal, no matter how much you try to pretend it too is a person with equal rights.

  11. I wished I had been there! He needs to eat the concrete! The puke not the dog!

  12. John Gray says:

    A good chunk of blame goes to the woman. To have a dog unleashed in urban environment is effectively animal abuse. There are too many things to go wrong, so those leash laws are there for a reason. We think of leash laws to protect people, but their main use is to protect the dogs. I think the man is dirt, but frankly he is going to have a good amount of law on his side. Like he could claim he doesn’t know if the dog is diseased–and given the owner, who where thinks that dog is up to date on his shots? Too many dog owners have this stupid mindset that the rules are for OTHERS, since their doggie is so darn lovable. Nonsense. Obey the laws.

  13. No real crime was committed. The mutt was not restrained, and attacked the guy, twice.

    Would you kooks shrieking at him prefer he let the mutt bite him, so it could be put down by Animal Control?

  14. Let’s not promote any stereotypes…about abusing little dogs. It is far more likely that he and three friends kicked an old person in the head, just because.

  15. 1.Why was the dog not on a leash? SF like other big cities mandates it.
    2. Regardless of whether on a leash, the owner, is responsible for the behavior of the dog.
    3. Was the victim required to stand there and let the dog bite him twice?

    a. I’m a responsible dog owner and a dog lover, and I have control over my dog at all times.
    b. Small dogs bite strangers far more often than big dogs–because their owners don’t take seriously that their dogs are more apt to bite. “Oh, isn’t that cute? He’s biting your ankle.”

  16. Then there is the reporter and CBS affiliate embellishing the story with lies. Such as opening with the visual comment “Dog badly beaten”. Wait, I thought the dog was kicked. And the reporter says after the dog attack he “ran off”. As seen in the video the victim maintains his walking pace throughout the video. Shoddy reporting as well as proofreading and editing.

  17. Dog attacks man. Dog belongs to homeless woman who may or may not have dog’s shots up to date. Man kicks serious rabies threat away. Case closed.

  18. Meggeler says:

    I’d blowed it’s head off. Leash you pets, Dummy’s!

  19. I don’t think she could afford a leash for the dog. Also the dog did not bite the man he was barking the two times he went after the man and let us not forget the man was arguing with someone before this. So the barking was away of saying stay away from his owner. If you disagree watch the video and listen to the story again. Why doesn’t San Francisco care about their people on the streets. Each and every state seems to have this problem, Are we really helping and caring about our homeless or do we care more about illegals that are indigent.