SAN MATEO (KPIX 5) – Remember when a six-figure salary meant you had a really good job? In three Bay Area counties, San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin, if you make below $117,400, you’re officially poor.

“That kind of shocks you. How is that possibly poverty by anybody’s measure? But it actually is for a family of four in our area,” said Ken Cole, Director of the San Mateo County Department of Housing.

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According to the latest survey by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the median income in those three counties tops the entire country, and is so high that households making $117,000 would actually qualify to live in low-income housing projects.

Cole said he’s a bit shocked that number has risen 10 percent from just last year.

“Not surprised at all to see a five percent increase. A 10 percent increase did get my attention,” Cole told KPIX 5.

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He thinks that jump is because most of the poorer people have already been forced out.

In a town like Belmont, the mad scramble to find housing has driven prices to such levels that mostly high-wage earners remain.

Rebecca Yazdani’s daughter just landed a well-paying job, but is only able to afford a one-bedroom apartment and will need to find a roommate soon. “People working at Starbucks, where do they live? You know, how are they able to do it?” Yazdani said.

The answer is they can’t, and Cole says evidence shows service employees are leaving the area. Cole said the only real answer is to build more housing.

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But that’s not happening fast enough as residents oppose any project that may increase traffic or decrease open space.

“You’re going to have to trade off higher-cost housing for it in this area. And you’re gonna have to put up with people sleeping on the sidewalk,” Cole said.

Those who want to preserve their community will have to see something change, or there won’t be anyone left to work in the restaurant or the bank or the dry cleaners.

The state is pressuring local governments to impose “inclusion rules” that would require some units in all new development be affordable.

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  1. Wait, Wait! San Mateo and Marin counties? Issn’t that where all those wealthy libs live??? They are all proud, card-carrying socialists. They should share their wealth with illegal aliens that they want to import from Mexico so eagerly !

    What a bunch of hypocrites !

    No wonder U-Haul can’t keep up with demand for one-way moving truck rentals. Everyone with a brain leaves this liberal s # ! t h o l e

    1. Samuel Green says:

      Nancy Pelosi’s family is worth $110,000,000 If Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters sees a homeless person within a mile of their $4.5 million dollar mansions, they dial 9-1-1 faster than Trump can Tweet.

  2. Tech salaries are so high and contribute to this. Even for new college graduate at a top tech company you’re looking at ~$150k per year. There’s several more datapoints on

  3. rytwinger says:

    In frisco now, a 65 IQ is considered mensa material…..A city of mooks.

  4. This is a sham. Pelosi’s husband is a real estate billionaire and they build the high rises to get the subsidized rental income from the government. You get people to pay over the top rents and have the government cover 75% of it. The biggest sham. The government should not be subsidizing housing payments for people making 117k a year. They need to find a job somewhere else in the country or let the employer that needs them so desperately subsidize their rent!

  5. Obama says we should spread the wealth around. Let’s do it!

  6. Thank the Lord. Soon none of those low-income dou che bags will live here.
    Praise the Jesus.

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