SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — A San Francisco home has become a destination for fans of the classic TV sitcom “Full House,” but neighbors are getting sick of it. The city might put the brakes on tour buses in the area.

The Tanner family won’t be found at the iconic house, but one can usually find a steady stream of tourists there, who are looking to check taking a picture of the house off of their list. The city may make it harder for those tourists to stop by.

One of the tourists, Marin Beaudin from Canada, said, “We watched all of the seasons on Netflix. It was exciting to come here and see it.” For neighbors of the house, the thrill of living close to this TV treasure has worn off.

‘Full House’ house (CBS)

Alan Lombardi, a resident of the same block since the 1980s, when the original “Full House” series started. After Netflix rebooted the show, Lombardi said that the fans keep coming.

“People are in the road and on everybody’s stoops,” he said.

The city has collected complaints from residents of traffic problems, including the double parking of tour buses.

“Someone is gonna get killed here. They double park,” said Lombardi.

The SFMTA Board of Directors is now considering banning tour buses from the block on Broderick Street, from Pine to Bush streets.

Paul Rose, a spokesperson for the SFMTA, said, “And it’s not just the traffic. Signs remind tourists to keep the volume down.”

Beaudin, the tourist from Canada, said, “I can totally empathize with them. Let’s do our thing and get out of here.”

For tourists, taking some time to see the iconic house is a check off of the bucket list. But for neighbors and residents of the area, the constant stopping and noise is, as Stephanie Tanner would say, “How rude!”



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