by Christine Samra

(KPIX 5) — You’ve seen it come across your social media feeds, various police departments taking part in the viral “Lip Sync Challenge.” Now it’s the San Francisco Police Department’s turn.

The department was challenged by the California Highway Patrol’s San Francisco Office, and SFPD accepted it and went above and beyond.

This highly produced video features a medley of songs, two of them pay homage to the Bay Area.

The video opens with Public Information Officer Grace Gatpandan singing along with the opening lines to Journey’s “Lights,” outside of AT&T Park.

From then the scene changes to a donut shop, where officers eat and dance to Pharrell Williams’  “Happy,” but that doesn’t last for long.

The officers then get “hyphy” with Too $hort’s well-known jam “Blow the Whistle.” SFPD cops on motorcycles cruise down the Bay Bridge jamming to the unofficial Bay Area anthem.

At one point there’s a cameo by the city’s former mayor, Willie Brown.

San Francisco police officers perform the lip sync challenge. (SFPD)

To close it all up, officers perform a tightly-choreographed happy dance to Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling.”

To all the police departments challenging each other in the lip sync battle, right now it appears the SFPD has provided the mic drop.


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